A nice cup of tea

Good morning and welcome to November here in the Eyrie.

A lot has happened recently and it is my pleasure and duty to update you. I am not sure why I am talking like some 1950s TV host but there you go. The first thing that has happened is that Kiv the Koala has continued to try and steal focus from yours truly. He is very vocal about a lot of subjects and we constantly hear the phrase “We Koalas you know…” normally followed by an outrageous statement or comment or demand. We sit together now so I am noticing it a bit more and I am considering sending in Bill to have a word. That is Koalas in this family though as there is a long history of very demanding attention seeking bears so I shouldn’t be too surprised I suppose. Anyway Kiv has announced that today is the International Day of the Koala. He wants a lot of attention and a constant stream of cream cakes. Dream on is what I say to that.

It was a trip to Dorchester yesterday. It was a lovely bright and sunny day. Normally the dynamic duo go on the train but South Western Trains were on strike and so it was into the Tachemobile for the 25 mile trip across the county. Uncle Tache went to see Gary at the Seventh Seal to have his hair cut. This is a very trendy hipster place. Uncle Tache goes upstairs and is all glamorous amongst the tattoos and beards. Meanwhile that man sits downstairs and lowers the tone of the place whilst he drinks the free cup of tea that comes with the haircut. Of course, he gets his haircut in the local barbers where they do a special price of £7.00 for him. After that it was off for a quick bite of lunch and then on for the final 8 miles to Weymouth for a walk along the prom in the sunshine. All in all a good day out.

Speaking of cups of tea that man has developed a new habit that all financial institutions should be aware of and also be slightly afraid. For various reasons it has been necessary to go into various financial institutions recently. That man instantly goes to sit in the window area and starts to observe life. He was heard to comment that it is warmer and there is more going on than at home so he was happy. At one place there was talk of a nice cup of tea but luckily sanity prevailed as otherwise they would never have got rid of him and he really does lower the tone you know. At another venue there was a bit of a fuss going on and he wanted to wait to see how it turned out. An appointment was made for the next day and he was heard to wonder if he could come back and see how it all turned out.

The other day was a normal one for us until about 6 in the evening. There was a loud knock on the door and that man and Uncle Tache suddenly vanished. They went out for dinner at a local pub and didn’t get home until 1 in the morning in a very merry state of mind. Shocking.

On Friday that man and Uncle Tache went to a local quiz. A good time was had by all and prizes were won in the raffle at the end of the evening. The most surprising thing about the whole evening was that in a fiercely contested quiz they came in second out of eight teams only missing out on the top spot by two points. We were quite frankly amazed. The true hero was Uncle Tache who aced the pasta round where you had to name 8 different types of pasta. He got all of them and was the only person to score this well. The honour of the household was held up for once.

Autumn has arrived and Mr Figgis is looking very sad at the moment. he is dropping his leaves but you can see the little buds where the new leaves will appear next year. The whole garden is going to get a tidy up and be put to sleep for the winter. In the meantime I am off to “celebrate” the International Day of the Koala. Eucalyptus anyone?


Another newbie

Hello there and welcome back. It is another bright and sunny day here on the south coast but a bit colder than of late.

Anyway I did promise you a meet and greet session for another newbie in the crew. This week it is the turn of Mr Tufty Nuts-otherwise known and Monsieur Tufte. He is a little love and a red squirrel. That is very appropriate as we have one of the last colonies of red squirrels living on Brownsea Island which you can see from the Eyrie. I mean to say if they got themselves organised they could send a message to all of you via me at any time. This is what he looks like up close.

Mr Tufte and Figgis

Mr Tufte and Figgis

As he is a squirrel he decided that he wanted his picture taken in a suitably themed environment so we decided that Mr Figgis the fig tree would be best. As you can see they are both fine fellows. Here is another close up.

Mr Tufte and Figgis

Mr Tufte and Figgis

The more eagle eyed amongst you can probably see a fig growing amongst the leaves.

Mr Tufte and Figgis

Mr Tufte and Figgis

This shot also shows the lovely Ada Gardener in the background. She is of birdy origin too so worthy of a mention. I think that this captures the church wall rather nicely too. We really are close to God here in our little patch. Anyway another newbie welcomed to our ranks and we hope that you enjoyed meeting him.

Now on to other matters. We do seem to be living by the seat of our pants at the moment one way or another. If it is not one thing it is another. Mr Trump continues to amaze and astonish in equal measure. He has now decided that he doesn’t like another key treaty so is pulling out. Nice Mr Putin is not too happy and quite frankly he is not on his own in this matter. I know that this might interfere with my ability to attend another Cliffiefest but can’t they just impeach him on the basis of his hairstyle alone. I mean to say anyone going around with a dead mink on their head is not really a suitable leader are they? Seriously you know what I am saying people. Also anyone who can get me to agree with that Mr Putin has got to be suspect on a number of different levels.

Then we have the whole ongoing saga of Brexit. Increasingly it looks like we won’t get a deal that anyone can agree on and we could have a different PM before too long. Talk about slapped legs before bedtime and no bedtime story. It just beggars belief. I tell you we are better off out of it snuggled together on the sofa. I know at least one of my merry gang of followers went on the march on Saturday so well done you. Don’t even get me started on those silly Saudis or we will be here all week.

On a more domestic theme there has been a slight rearrangement of the sofa crew. Bob the sheep and his brother Bucky have moved to one of the arms and I am now sat atop the cushion. You might wonder why I am mentioning this but it is a crucial move for yours truly. It now means that I can keep a very careful eye on what is going on more generally. That man has an annoying habit of telling me that I shouldn’t worry about some things and I think that I need to keep tabs on what is occurring. I mean to say anyone who remembers our past two changes of address can testify to the fact that he has a very secretive side to his nature when he wants to keep things quiet. Never mind the little people oh no. It is just self, self, self all day long. It is all about him really it is. Sorry I got a bit carried away there remembering the indignity of receiving an airline sick bag as my present. Of course the other plus point is that I no longer have to listen to non stop bell ringing. Things are not all bad you know.

I do like to be beside the seaside

Good morning and welcome back.

It has been a bit of a trying week for all concerned down here. The absolute worse nightmare scenario occurred as both Uncle Tache and that man were not very well at the same time. It was enough to make us go into duck and cover mode. They were a picture though both sat on the settee covered in knitted blankets looking sorry for themselves. Things seem to be back on track now so that is nice for us all.

The other day we went for a lovely day out by the sea. It was a hop and a skip to the bus stop and then on to Swanage on the bus. It was a lovely trip round the beautiful Dorset countryside. The bus was very full and our dynamic duo were the only ones that paid for their fare and didn’t have a hearing aid in. It was a real OAP special. When they arrived in Swanage they strolled down to the sea and had a nice lunch courtesy of the nice people at Greggs. Then it was on to the open top bus for a ride down to the ferry at Sandbanks. Over the ferry and off the bus in Sandbanks. Then it was on to our favourite cafe where a large quantity of scones were consumed and then home to our little Eyrie. I thought you might like to see some piccies of the big day.

A day out at the beach

A day out at the beach

Tennis anyone?

Tennis anyone?

Things are nice and bright today. The seagulls are squawking away and it does feel as if we are by the seaside. We are all hoping that the heating is going to be coming on before too long as it is getting a bit nippy in the evenings. I hope that the nice weather will continue into next week. The bulbs are getting their feet down and some nice Cyclamen have appeared. I think that autumn is really here.

A Swiss present

Good morning to you all.

Yes I am back. It has been a big weekend for all of us on the Eyrie as we were left on our own as our dynamic duo set off for a Swiss adventure. It was off bright and early on Friday for the drive up to Heathrow and a flight to Zurich. Apparently Swiss airlines are very good and can be thoroughly recommended. After a very efficient trip on the train into town and then a tram ride to the hotel they settled in. The next day it was off to Luzern on the train on a very bright and sunny day. There were strolls round the old town and a nice sit by the lake admiring the views. I must admit that I did send a swan friend of mine along to move them along as they had been sat for so long. Next it was a 90th birthday party. No not for that man but for Uncle Tache’s Aunt. Many of the cousins were there and it was interesting to see that all of the male cousins had the same kind of hair as Uncle Tache. All in all a lovely day.

The next day there was a stroll round the old town of Zurich and a sit by the lake. There is a pattern here for those who are paying attention. Then it was off to the airport and a nice sit in the Swiss lounge. That man had some soup and chips and quite a lot of red wine. Then another pleasant flight home. I don’t know where he got the idea (personally I blame the drink!) but that man decided that my present from Switzerland should be a Swiss airlines sick bag. Can you believe it. Normal people would have brought back some chocolate or a discretely numbered bank account. Not that man-oh no. He said that he thought I might quite like it. Piffle and nonsense is what this particular Eagle says to that notion. I hope you can see the curled beak in this photo.

Yes that is a sick bag!

Yes that is a sick bag!

I think that there is a conspiracy to find the most rubbish pressie and I think we have hit a new low here. I suppose I was lucky that it was a clean bag and not a used one. There was a slight thawing of relations when he also presented me with some Swiss chocolate but there is a definite chill in the house at the moment.

I suppose that I have to report some breaking news. Another royal baby is on the way. That is all I need. A whole winter of oohing and ahhing over the new arrival. It is worse that Brexit and that is saying something I can tell you. Ah well I will have a little nibble on the chocolate and then I have a little bag to put the wrappers in.

Harvest time

Good afternoon all. Welcome to a wet and windy Poole. Autumn seems to have turned up and it is a bit nippy as well as wet. Still the forecast for next week is better so the heating is turned off for another week. We are all comfy on our snuggler so that is all right.

As it is Autumn our thoughts have turned to harvest festival and such like. If you recall young Figgis the Fig tree has had a bit of a mixed year. He was pruned and was simply a stick. Then he started to grow and is now a fine little fellow filling quite a lot of or little courtyard haven. Well this week that man decided that it was time to “harvest” the fruit that he has produced. We thought that you would be impressed by the resulting groaning harvest.

Our Fig harvest

Our Fig harvest

Good eh?

In other Autumn related developments the bulbs for next year have now been purchased on a day trip to Dorchester. Believe it or not this represents personal growth as it is the first trip to that town that hasn’t resulted in the purchase of a puppy. I mean to say it got so bad that we had to export one of them to the US where young Tad has hopefully settled down to life overseas. Thank you to his adoptive parents for helping us out. Anyway that man went off and purchased some bulbs and they will be planted up this week. It will be a good display and Bob the Sheep and his brother Bucky are already excited at the thought of Barry the Crocus appearing once more. We will be playing this part of it down as it is a bit tedious for those of us who have to sit next to Bob for the next three months or so. If you come and see us then please don’t remind him that Barry has landed.

In the wider world things continue to go from bad to worse. My thoughts are with the US fan club at this tricky time. I guess that Mr Trump has decided that he doesn’t need any women to vote for him to get reelected. As for Brexit suddenly things are moving once Mrs May danced her way to make her speech at the Tory party conference. Goodness knows what we will end up with but it looks like a deal could be on the cards. I am sure that we will be talking about this for years to come one way or another. 2018 has been a funny old year one way or another so far and I am sure there is more to come.

Worry not I have got some photos ready for our next fan focus spot. Watch this space for more!

Some new friends

Morning all and welcome to Sunday here in the Eyrie. Just to orientate everyone we are comfy settled in our snuggler in the living room, Uncle Tache is cleaning and tidying up in the Den and that man is up in the Eyrie providing the tech support to produce this little masterpiece.

I did promise some more pictures of our new friends. Today it is the turn of the bed crew. This is a mixed team of Marsupials and Gorillas who share the space between them. They both have equal billing on their cushions and comfortably sit on the bed. You already know Andrew and his companion Gui. We now have Hortence the Platypus and her brother Horace the Wombat. Horace is a bit of a rascal and is normally known as Mr Pink Paws or PP for short.

This picture shows all of them.

The bed crew

The bed crew

This close up shows the Marsupials. Horace is showing off his lovely pink paws.

Hortence and Horace

Hortence and Horace

We hope that you like the bedding as it is new and is a little bit eastern in its theme. A bit of a bargain in John Lewis. The church bells have just started to complete the Sunday like theme of the day so we hope that you are enjoying the atmospherics that are building up.

Autumn is certainly creeping up on us. Leaves are turning and the creeper on the Hotel du Vin has turned a lovely red. We will soon be out hunting through the fallen leaves for hidden pirate treasures.

Worry not we still have some more friends to show you so look out for some more pictures soon. In the meantime an early pinch and a punch for tomorrow morning.

We are back on the grid

Hello there. Welcome back. That man decided to go “off grid” for a while and I got caught up in this peculiar form of madness. Anyway a small delegation made up of me and my enforcer “persuaded” him that we needed to get back in touch with the world. Sanity has prevailed and we are now back.

To start with I thought you might like to see some of my new companions.

My expanded gang

My expanded gang

This perfectly captures the real menace that Bill exudes without any effort whatsoever. He is a tough cookie and you really wouldn’t want to cross him in any way, shape of form. I can tell you he is my best friend forever! You can also see Ozzie the tartan snake and the lovely Millie the Millipede who has a lot of socks on. There is also a little Duckling companion for young Percy and little Buckie who is Bob the Sheep’s long lost brother. More pictures will follow throughout the blogging season so watch out for more new friends before too long. You will go nuts for Mr Tufte I can guarantee it!

Well a lot has been going on and we have had two delightful visitors to keep us company. Uncle Dave arrived as part of his world tour and we were the first stop along the way. He and that man and Uncle Tache walked long distances and just talked and ate and drank and had the most wonderful time. They all took part in the offer at our local Beales store in Bournemouth which offered two glasses of Prossecco for a fiver. They were all very happy indeed at this one. A glass of Prossecco does go well with a Cornish pasty, chips and beans I can tell you. Classy eh? Then Uncle Jerry and little Molly turned up. Well Uncle Jerry just took control of a number of projects and he has vastly improved the whole house as a result. Thank you very much for all of them for thinking of us and taking time out to come and see us. It is all very much appreciated I can assure you. That Molly has got some guts I can tell you. She just launched herself in bed between Uncle Tache and that man and refused to move. Another night Uncle Tache came to bed and found her stretched out over his side of the bed. I tell you he could have done with Bill the enforcer to come in and handle things as Molly has got quite a nerve and holds her ground. Happy days indeed.

The house is coming together and most of the stuff that Uncle Tache brought back with him has been absorbed. There is still a bit more but it will be arriving later today. The place now looks like their home which is wonderful and we love it. I mean to say the fact that we have some new companions is enough for us to make us all very happy indeed.

There is a slight nautical feel in the air today and that man took this rather inexpert picture of a sailing ship from the Eyrie window. Rest assured the harbour is only at the end of the road so it hasn’t been grounded in some strange freak of nature it is actually tied up at the quay side.

Ahoy me hearties

Ahoy me hearties

If you peer closely enough you can see the three masts through the blinds. I pointed out that it would be a much better picture if the blinds were raised but I was told to keep quiet. The real problem is that the blinds were raised it would show how dirty the window is so it is best to have them down.

A strange parcel arrived today. It was addressed to me but I was a bit concerned as I am such a public figure so I delegated opening it to that man in case it all went a bit Bodyguard on us all. Rest assured all was well and it was a lovely note and pressie from Uncle Rog. Thank you very much indeed. Worry not I will choose my moment before passing it on.

I think that is us caught up. We are all enjoying the sun and thinking back on a happy summer so it is all warm and mellow here I can assure you.