We haven’t stopped laughing yet!

Morning all. We have all had a bit of a rest here in the Eyrie as that man has been away on holiday for the past week. Still the washing is on and he is back so I am back too.

Before we get on to that though I have to announce the arrival of a new friend. It is the lovely Lady Winifred and she hails from my American fan club. She is a little love I can tell you and we have already concocted some new schemes together. Thank you very much for sending her along and rest assured she is settling in well.

That man and Uncle Tache took to the wide blue skies and ended up in sunny Florida last week. Needless to say yours truly was not included but you can’t keep me from joining in and I managed to slip into the bag as that man was leaving. One of the key points about this trip was that they were flying first class on the BA A380 to Miami. Boy did they make the most of the opportunities available to them. The champagne flowed non stop as well as a rather lovely Burgundy. They each had their own private little suite which converted to a flat bed and were given sleep suits. That man was very keen on his and he had changed into it before the wheels were up after take off on the way home. He then snuggled under his duvet and was soon hammering them home. I tell you I could get used to this level of service. Fresh glasses of alcohol kept on appearing without having to ask for it and we even had Bucks Fizz for breakfast. Fantastic!

They both had a good time in Florida I can tell you. There was a very exciting trip along Alligator Alley and trips out to the beach on both coasts. More importantly they also managed to fit in some shopping trips to a couple of outlet malls. The staff in Ralph Lauren Polo did not know what had hit them I can tell you. Needless to say Uncle Tache had a succession of stunning outfits to wow our impressionable colonial cousins. That man didn’t quite manage to reach this mark though. Instead he donned a pair of trainers for the duration. When coupled with the long sleeved shirts and long pants they made him look like Forrest Gump! I tell you whatever the glamorous location that man can bring it down to his level.

Now what has caused us such mirth I can hear you ask. Well on one of these shopping trips that man actually bought two new shirts. Needless to say Uncle Tache had also purchased half of the shop and they proceeded in an orderly fashion to the check outs. All well so far. The lovely lady behind the counter rang up their purchases. She then took one look at that man and without asking gave him the senior citizen discount. For those that don’t know this he is at least ten years away from that particular landmark. What a discerning cashier. You really do have to laugh at these things I tell you and this has cheered us up no end! In the meantime we have to cope with the come down from first class. I haven’t had a glass of Burgundy for at least 10 minutes-it is not good enough you know.

Moving times indeed

Well he has done it again you know. Just when you think that man has no more tricks up his sleeve he just pulls another one out. Of course, the clues were there. The unexpected visitors, the unnatural level of cleanliness, the people with the clipboards. It just didn’t click that something was actually going on. Well you know that man. He keeps on putting things off and never achieves anything much. Well this time he has gone and done it. He has actually sold the Eyrie. Can you imagine that the single word exchange could have such an impact on us young innocent creatures. The thing that most galls us though is that we weren’t consulted about how to spend the money from the sale. As you know I can be very creative when I want to be and creative accounting is my favourite occupation. Just imagine what I could have done with that fund. I could have moved us all off shore and I mean somewhere warm and not the Isle of Man. Instead the ominous word storage is being used and I don’t like the idea as to where that is going. I am told that there is an end game in all of this but so far this has not been revealed to us mere inhabitants. We are just to be packed up. It is just like Toy Story 3 all over again but they didn’t have to deal with Bob the Sheep and his little bell in a confined space 24/7. I think my sanity is definitely hanging by a thread.

Anyway in cheerier news the sun has returned to the Eyrie. Yesterday we were all sat (happy days when life still seemed good!) in the early morning when the Eyrie was filled with the early morning sunlight. How lovely as we all blinked and saw the levels of dust that it showed up. Still a magical moment on a par with mid summer at Stonehenge. Family film night later-I might suggest the Great Escape just to get some ideas!

That man here in a rare intervention -as you can tell Cliff has taken the news as well as I was expecting him to.  Worry not I have a decent bottle of red open and breathing and soon all will be well once more!


Someone blabbed

OK we have a news leak type of situation here in the Eyrie. Yesterday I specifically asked for silence on the appearance of Barry the Crocus. This morning at 06:00 the dreaded bell started to ring and we had a very excited sheep to deal with. He wanted to go and see Barry as soon as possible. We all set off and captured the reunion to share with you all.

Spring break 2017

Spring break 2017

I think that it is safe to say that Spring is truly on its way.

Back once more

Welcome back. Worry not I am still here. I have had to dig my way out from underneath the little mountain of enquiries as to my health and well being. Well if we are being strictly accurate one of my followers did ask the other day if I was all right. That is enough for me though.

Sorry for the break but circumstances intervened. No not the Police court but that man’s illness. He has been a miserable so and so and we have all been in our happy place trying to ignore him. Still better weather and a slow improvement have brought us back from the edge. What a change there has been as well. Early signs of Spring are coming out. The bulbs are in full flower and we have a daffodil and crocus in flower. Please don’t tell Bob this though or else he will want to go on one of his little adventures which get very tedious for us Sherpas carrying his ego on behind. Still it is a bit warmer and brighter so hooray for that.

In some breaking news my links with my American fan club are continuing to grow. I am pleased to announce that this years Cliffie fest will be held in good old London town. A whole week of fun and frolics all centred round your favourite Eagle. What a lark eh.

I have come to a momentous decision you will be pleased to know. I don’t feel able to keep up the everything that is happening in Washington at the moment so I have decided to stop following the news from Trumpton. Life feels better as a result so I think it has been a good choice. Unless of course this is fake news. Only you know that dear reader.

A short post this week as I get back in to the swing of things. Off north next weekend to see Big Nana but I am sure that we will catch up soon.

In the bleak midwinter

Afternoon all and welcome back.

Well it has been a very difficult week here in the Eyrie. That man has defied all expectations and been hanging around for most of the week coughing and sputtering his way through some very long days indeed. To give him some credit he did get dressed each day and we all had to sit together to be told that he felt poorly. Magical scenes ensued as we didn’t feel too bad ourselves but we had to be sympathetic so we are putting in our request for an Oscar early this year. Anyway by midweek we had had enough and so persuaded him to go and see a doctor. The Doc took one look at him and sent him off to Barts hospital for a blood test. This was genius as it really distracted him for quite some time. The next day the doctor rang up and told him that they wanted to see him to discuss the results. Off he went but he simply came back and told him that the doctor had said that he was properly poorly. This was one in the eye for the conspiracy theorists (myself included!) but apparently the doctor was only about 10 years old so I have my doubts. Just saying. I have to say that Uncle Dave has been an absolute rock as he quite sharply told that man that even though he was a brave little soldier he couldn’t have a medal every day. Well said mate!

I seem to have acquired a new little friend called Oswald. He is a squirrel who must be related to my old friend Alfonso the squirrel. He is a brave one I can tell you. We first became aware of his presence a couple of days ago as he was simply passing through along the balcony. Well this morning he came to visit us properly. He sat and groomed himself and fluffed up his little tail. He then had a bit of a sniff at some of the plants and then settled down to eat a Hyacinth that is gradually coming to flower. That man has been very slow recently but he can move when he needs to I can tell you. He told him to ***** *** and to go back to *********** and then cursed the horse he had ridden into town on. It was quite an eye opener and told us that recovery might be just round the corner. Needless to say we have to tell Bob that they were very naughty words indeed and he must never repeat them. I just hope that the local Vicar doesn’t come for tea at any point as we don’t think that young Bob has quite got that particular idea quite right in his tiny little mind. Still some BBC sitcoms have run for several series on similar dodgy scenarios so perhaps all will be well.

It is off to Buckingham in a little while. It will be nice for us all to have a change of scene. Let us hope for a more positive week next week.

A bleak day

Afternoon all and welcome back. It has been a bit of a bleak day or so here in the Eyrie I can tell you. As you know I do follow world events and have formed some opinions on them which I am happy to share with you. Well recent events have been enough to try the patience of a saint. We had our Foreign Secretary slagging off the French like an episode of Allo Allo. We have had Brexit all over the place as well as what happened in Washington yesterday. Overall not the best of weeks. Rather surprisingly though this is not what has made it a bleak week. No the very worst has happened and that man has caught Uncle Tache’s cold. He has been a right royal pain in the ar*e I can tell you. Coughing and spluttering all over your favourite Eagle. We did manage to get him out to work yesterday so that was something but it does feel as if it is going to be a very long weekend indeed. Just us and that man spending some “quality time” together. I tell you it is enough to make you want to emigrate to warmer climes.

Meanwhile in other breaking news Big Nana better look to her laurels as she has got competition in the birdie department. Uncle Tache has turned in to the birdman of Buckingham and has had a few feeding frenzies when he put his sunflower seeds out. Big Nana was very pleased that he was doing this as she was worried that he might have used Peanuts which are bad for the little birdies apparently. That is a bit rich when she feeds her birds on a diet of steak and chips. What this particular Eagle wants to know is why none of this happens here. I have the looks and personality of a winner and all I get is abuse and the odd left over half chewed Sausage. It just doesn’t seem right to me. Just saying.

I want to finish on a high so on to more pleasant things. The bulbs are doing very well and there are a lot of shoots on the balcony. That man even splashed out on some daffs for the house so the whole place smells like spring. The days are slowly lengthening so things seem ever so slightly more optimistic. We might all need to hold that thought though until this cold is defeated so wish me luck. I think we are going to be watching Finding Nemo and Finding Dory so expect tears before bedtime. Oh dear it is all a bit much when all you want to watch is some Tarantino I can tell you.

Bath time

Morning all and welcome.

Well it has been a while I can tell you. The more mean spirited of my readers (and there are a few of you that fit that category you know) might have assumed that I was recovering from my festive hangover. Not a bit of it. I have turned over a new leaf and am into my fitness regime. Now every time I want a drink I have to go and pour it for myself. Up until now I got some of my little friends to nip through to the kitchen to do it for me so I have trebled the number of wing flaps in one go. Impressive stuff I am sure that you will agree.

Now what has been happening I hear you cry. Someone has got a significant birthday coming up and the celebrations have been non stop. Last weekend the dynamic duo set off for the milder climes of Jersey. They stayed in a Georgian tower that had been “improved” by those nice Germans in the 1940s. It was a bit small and cold at times and there were a lot of ladybirds all over the place but lovely. They had a wonderful view over the rocky coastline and that man was heard to say that it was like something from a Rupert Bear annual. Such sophistication. Bearing in mind that Jersey is so small they even managed to get lost a couple of times but they did managed to make it back to the airport in good time. The flight is only 30 minutes but Uncle Tache managed to sink a couple of glasses of Champagne, have his meal and also consume that man’s meal and wash it all down with a cup of tea. Impressive stuff I am sure that you will agree. This weekend it is off to a Georgian town house in the centre of Bath. After that it is a period of austerity apparently. All I will say on that front is that is a definite “we’ll see” as Big Nana used to say when she really meant no.

Outside things are looking quite white as it is snowing but the snow is not really settling so that is all right. Once again we are on Bob watch as he thinks that a covering of snow will act as camouflage. Dream on mate is what we all say to that one. In better news the bulbs are doing well and the Barries have reappeared. Please don’t mention this to Bob though as he will be so excited that he will be ringing his bell for hours on end. I am off to enjoy the snow.