A sunny day at Sandbanks

Good afternoon from a sunny and warm Poole. Yes you read that right we seem to be experiencing a late February surge of good weather today. It is all very unnerving and I am sure that it won’t last but for now the weather is behaving itself. We have even opened some windows to let some fresh air in which is good. So how did we celebrate this sudden change of weather? Easy we hopped on the number 60 bus and went to Sandbanks for a walk along the beach. Whilst on the bus we met a rather lovely Labradoodle who required a lot of petting and attention which was nice for that man. The Pack are all very well but they don’t do cute and cuddly in the same way as this young fellow me lad did. The walk was rather nice as we were able to enjoy the sun on the water and a nice bracing breeze. All in all a couple of hours well spent.

Only a quick posting today but we just wanted to capture the moment for you to enjoy. Of course, what would have upgraded the day would have been if that man had actually thought about my needs and bought me an ice cream but living here has definitely taught us to take what we can get whilst is is on offer. Until next week when we might have some exciting news to reveal about the house (or maybe not depending on what happens over the next few days) we hope that the weather is good where you are and that you get a chance to enjoy it.


I hate Windows

Afternoon all and welcome to a wet and windy day. It has been quite a wet winter and today is following on in true British weather fashion. I am hoping that things will warm up a little bit as March creeps up on us but I am not holding my breath.

Don’t you just hate Windows updates. That man has been typing away on my behalf as I told him that I am suffering from restless wing syndrome so can’t type. He gets very irritable as whenever Windows updates are downloading it really just stops the machine working in any efficient manner and they are downloading now. That means that the cursor is slightly mobile and everything feels a bit like hard work. That is true but for other reasons apart from Windows updates but that is another story. I am not sure that the other lot are any better so I guess we just have to put up with it. I tell you though I am going into duck and cover mode if this machine starts to restart itself. He will not be a happy bunny I can tell you!

Speaking of Windows the ones here are really rattling away in the wind today. It is a bit creepy being here and all you can hear is the howling wind and the rattling of the windows. I am sure that there is a ghost lurking about somewhere and I might don my little Deerstalker to investigate so keep your eyes peeled for an update. I tell you it is non stop down here at the moment.

The bulbs continue to do well in the garden and lots of shoots are coming up. We are hoping that a slight rise in temperature might encourage them to get a move on and produce some flowers. We can but hope that this will happen. If it does then Bob will out there quicker than a rat down a drainpipe I can tell you. We are looking forward to a bit of socialising in the next few weeks so if you do come and see us (and all are welcome to the Eyrie you know) don’t be surprised if you are “invited” out to the courtyard to make suitably admiring noises about the bulbs. You have been warned!

It is nice that the days are getting lighter for longer. Of course not everyone is thrilled as that man is very confused as to what time of day it actually is. He is constantly muttering about it and quite frankly it is getting on our nerves a bit by now. Still it means that he can see his little Alpaca friends from the train in the morning now and it won’t be long before he can wave to them on the return journey too. Spring might be just round the corner you know.

I know that I promised you insight into world affairs but it is simply too depressing at the moment. The latest is that our P***ock of a Foreign Secretary is telling everyone to like it or lump it about Brexit (I am paraphrasing slightly here you know). We are just ignoring him and all of the other loonies and retreating into our own little world. It is much happier here and we are glad that you are able to join us once in a while.

Until next week mon brave!

Bob’s field of dreams

Afternoon all.

You know I started this blog as I wanted to become a serious journalist offering my insightful analysis of world affairs. What happened I hear you ask? Bob the sheep that is what. He hoovers up attention and distracts us all from our efforts to interpret world affairs. Instead of a lengthy piece on the decline of Russian influence I am forced to take pictures of young Bob frolicking in his field of dreams. I doubt that they will come to see it but try telling Bob that. Yes word got out that the bulbs were doing something and he was out there like a shot asking which side was his best one. Anyway we took a couple of pictures of our bulb fields. Much better than those in Holland I am sure that you will agree.

The first is a general view of his section of the garden. It looks a bit wet and gloomy but that is the weather for you at the moment in this damp part of the world.

Bob's field of dreams

Bob’s field of dreams

You can see all sorts of sprouts coming up and showing a lot of promise.

This is a close up of Bob looking at the first flowers-some rather lovely Iris.

Iris magic

Iris magic

All together now-ah bless! I promise that we will have meaningful insight next time but for now we hope that you like our pictures.

No Oscar nomination-again

Hello there. A couple of pictures to start with. The Hyacinths have achieved full glory.

A bit more progress

A bit more progress

Full glory

Full glory

The scent is lovely and that man is so pleased with them that I can’t bring myself to have a nibble. Anyway thank you for sharing the journey with us from bulb to flower.

Whilst I think of it it is a big Cliffie wingwave to Aunty Tracy who has a birthday this week. Happy birthday to you.

The big news in this part of the world is that the weather has turned blowy once more. There has been a howling gale and driving rain going on all night and throughout the day. We really do take the brunt of all of this so it would be appreciated if it could stop now. It interferes with my flying practise so I am not happy I can tell you. That man went on a day trip to Southampton and came back looking like a drowned rat. Happy days indeed.

I notice that I haven’t been nominated for an Oscar this year. Best performance in a tight corner is the category I was after but inevitable disappointment has struck once more. Such is life I fear in this small part of the world at least.

Anyway the other outdoor bulbs are progressing nicely too and one day it will stop raining enough for my to go out with a certain Sheep (you know who I mean) and have a late winter photo shoot. It is all go you know this week!

Jersey bound

Afternoon all.

Things seem to have got quite picture heavy at the moment but we have a couple more for you to enjoy.

The first shows our Hyacinths. They are really coming along nicely and you can start to smell them now.



The second picture shows our expanded pack.

The Pack

The Pack

They are Doug, Branston, Brisket and little Bisto. What a lot of doggies for me to keep under control but I do my best you know.

Well Jersey was fun I can tell you. We went off to Southampton Airport bright and early and boarded the little plane on time. When we arrived at Jersey airport we got the bus into town and the shopping started. It only took a little bit of time for the bags to accumulate and little Brisket appeared first of all. He was very happy to join the pack I can tell you. Well a shopping frenzy started in earnest and only really stopped when it was time to go home. The flight back was great too and then it was home once more. We even fitted in a little bit of time to have a walk along the harbour edge around the marina with lovely views of the castle. All in all a lovey day out.

The weather is turning a bit colder now so we are pulling on our winter woolly coats ready for a cold snap. I am off to stock up on brandy just in case I get caught in a snowdrift!

A winter scene to warm the heart

Hello there.

We thought that you might like to see this photo of the view from Bournemouth Pier this morning.

Bournemouth Pier

Bournemouth Pier

As you can see it is a bright and sunny day down here and the surf was up. Luckily sanity prevailed and I wasn’t allowed to get my little ironing board out and go for a surf but there were people out there enjoying the waves. Probably just as much as that man enjoyed his lunch at a local cafe in Poole later on.

Those two threw a cocktail party for the neighbours this week. Uncle Tache did the catering and also supplied the alcohol so the whole thing went with a very definite swing. There was a lot of laughter and chatting going on and we small lads were allowed to look on from afar. Well that is what they thought would happen. In reality we simply adopted our duck and cover technique and had a feast and a half and particularly enjoyed the post dinner liqueurs. A good time was had by all I can tell you.

On Saturday the dynamic duo are off for a day trip to Jersey. They are both looking forward to it as there is good shopping to be had. As they have both gone very “county” recently I am expecting more of the same as they stock up on appropriate props for their new life in the country. I will let you know what happens next week. I am off to play a spirited game of hunt the passport with that man. Should be fun as I know where it is and he doesn’t. Now how much leverage this will give me is another matter but I am going to give it my best shot I can tell you!

Welcome to 2018 and Doug the Dog

Afternoon all and Happy New Year to one and all. It has been a little while but I needed some post Christmas down time. Not least as we all had to put up with Bob’s Christmas “spectacular”. “Bob! A Sheep and his Bell-a Personal Journey-the Road to Poole”. He had been rehearsing quite intensively and we all had to join in for some improv sessions to help his realise his “dream”. I tell you that sheep looks and behaves like a particularly tetchy North Korean dictator when the mood is upon him and it was on him this Christmas. He wanted to tell us all about his personal journey throughout the year. All went well for the first two minutes as he opened the show with a period of silence and contemplation. This we will grant you is unusual in this household so it had some novelty value at least. Unfortunately he then collapsed with exhaustion and had to be revived with some very strong Brandy. When he came to he asked if we wanted an encore unaware that he hadn’t rung his little bell for the threatened-sorry promised- two hours. All was well but it shredded my nerves so I had to have some downtime.

Anyway on to more positive things. We finally made it to 2018 and I have two big pieces of news. The first is the arrival of a new member of the clan. His name is Doug and he is a Doggie. Here he is examining the Hyacinths that man has lovingly looked after as he has known them since they were little bulbs that he had to put in the garden shed for their own good. I think that Doug is thinking of nibbling on some of them but that will be our little secret for now. Now I am quite Napoleonic in stature so you can see that Doug is rather big. I fear that man and Uncle Tache have gone all gooey eyed over him as they are talking of buying him a Barbour dog jacket to match their own. I tell you they have both gone very county recently and I am not sure it will go well. Aunty Michelle has offered her very sensible view on things and has encouraged both of them to get help and enrol in an appropriate 12 step programme and I can’t help but agree with her on this front. Anyway here is Doug.

Welcome Doug

Welcome Doug

The second big news is that Cliffiefest 2018 is being planned and will be held in an as yet undisclosed location in the middle of America. Apparently the city sits by a big lake and its name starts with a C. That man was then muttering that he was then going to have his fun with a barrel and a waterfall but we are not quite sure what he is referring to on that front. Time will tell I fear.

There you go a news filled posting with a new little personality to meet too so a good start to 2018.