In the bleak midwinter

Afternoon all and welcome back.

Well it has been a very difficult week here in the Eyrie. That man has defied all expectations and been hanging around for most of the week coughing and sputtering his way through some very long days indeed. To give him some credit he did get dressed each day and we all had to sit together to be told that he felt poorly. Magical scenes ensued as we didn’t feel too bad ourselves but we had to be sympathetic so we are putting in our request for an Oscar early this year. Anyway by midweek we had had enough and so persuaded him to go and see a doctor. The Doc took one look at him and sent him off to Barts hospital for a blood test. This was genius as it really distracted him for quite some time. The next day the doctor rang up and told him that they wanted to see him to discuss the results. Off he went but he simply came back and told him that the doctor had said that he was properly poorly. This was one in the eye for the conspiracy theorists (myself included!) but apparently the doctor was only about 10 years old so I have my doubts. Just saying. I have to say that Uncle Dave has been an absolute rock as he quite sharply told that man that even though he was a brave little soldier he couldn’t have a medal every day. Well said mate!

I seem to have acquired a new little friend called Oswald. He is a squirrel who must be related to my old friend Alfonso the squirrel. He is a brave one I can tell you. We first became aware of his presence a couple of days ago as he was simply passing through along the balcony. Well this morning he came to visit us properly. He sat and groomed himself and fluffed up his little tail. He then had a bit of a sniff at some of the plants and then settled down to eat a Hyacinth that is gradually coming to flower. That man has been very slow recently but he can move when he needs to I can tell you. He told him to ***** *** and to go back to *********** and then cursed the horse he had ridden into town on. It was quite an eye opener and told us that recovery might be just round the corner. Needless to say we have to tell Bob that they were very naughty words indeed and he must never repeat them. I just hope that the local Vicar doesn’t come for tea at any point as we don’t think that young Bob has quite got that particular idea quite right in his tiny little mind. Still some BBC sitcoms have run for several series on similar dodgy scenarios so perhaps all will be well.

It is off to Buckingham in a little while. It will be nice for us all to have a change of scene. Let us hope for a more positive week next week.


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