Back once more

Welcome back. Worry not I am still here. I have had to dig my way out from underneath the little mountain of enquiries as to my health and well being. Well if we are being strictly accurate one of my followers did ask the other day if I was all right. That is enough for me though.

Sorry for the break but circumstances intervened. No not the Police court but that man’s illness. He has been a miserable so and so and we have all been in our happy place trying to ignore him. Still better weather and a slow improvement have brought us back from the edge. What a change there has been as well. Early signs of Spring are coming out. The bulbs are in full flower and we have a daffodil and crocus in flower. Please don’t tell Bob this though or else he will want to go on one of his little adventures which get very tedious for us Sherpas carrying his ego on behind. Still it is a bit warmer and brighter so hooray for that.

In some breaking news my links with my American fan club are continuing to grow. I am pleased to announce that this years Cliffie fest will be held in good old London town. A whole week of fun and frolics all centred round your favourite Eagle. What a lark eh.

I have come to a momentous decision you will be pleased to know. I don’t feel able to keep up the everything that is happening in Washington at the moment so I have decided to stop following the news from Trumpton. Life feels better as a result so I think it has been a good choice. Unless of course this is fake news. Only you know that dear reader.

A short post this week as I get back in to the swing of things. Off north next weekend to see Big Nana but I am sure that we will catch up soon.


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