Moving times indeed

Well he has done it again you know. Just when you think that man has no more tricks up his sleeve he just pulls another one out. Of course, the clues were there. The unexpected visitors, the unnatural level of cleanliness, the people with the clipboards. It just didn’t click that something was actually going on. Well you know that man. He keeps on putting things off and never achieves anything much. Well this time he has gone and done it. He has actually sold the Eyrie. Can you imagine that the single word exchange could have such an impact on us young innocent creatures. The thing that most galls us though is that we weren’t consulted about how to spend the money from the sale. As you know I can be very creative when I want to be and creative accounting is my favourite occupation. Just imagine what I could have done with that fund. I could have moved us all off shore and I mean somewhere warm and not the Isle of Man. Instead the ominous word storage is being used and I don’t like the idea as to where that is going. I am told that there is an end game in all of this but so far this has not been revealed to us mere inhabitants. We are just to be packed up. It is just like Toy Story 3 all over again but they didn’t have to deal with Bob the Sheep and his little bell in a confined space 24/7. I think my sanity is definitely hanging by a thread.

Anyway in cheerier news the sun has returned to the Eyrie. Yesterday we were all sat (happy days when life still seemed good!) in the early morning when the Eyrie was filled with the early morning sunlight. How lovely as we all blinked and saw the levels of dust that it showed up. Still a magical moment on a par with mid summer at Stonehenge. Family film night later-I might suggest the Great Escape just to get some ideas!

That man here in a rare intervention -as you can tell Cliff has taken the news as well as I was expecting him to.  Worry not I have a decent bottle of red open and breathing and soon all will be well once more!



2 thoughts on “Moving times indeed

  1. Lynn Swyny

    I am worried about that man selling the eyrie. Did Kirsty and Phil have a hand in this? It feels as ominous as the ravens leaving the Tower of London.

    1. kirdishley Post author

      Thank you Aunty Lynn. I tell you you have hit the nail on the head there. That man keeps on muttering about Kirsty and at one point he was wanting to appear on that show. His aim was to make Kirsty cry with frustration. Trust me he would have succeeded. There is a plan in all of this apparently but I am under strict instructions not to reveal it until it is all signed and sealed. Worry not about me moving though. We are still on the same estate and I can see the old place from the new so we haven’t actually gone too far.


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