We haven’t stopped laughing yet!

Morning all. We have all had a bit of a rest here in the Eyrie as that man has been away on holiday for the past week. Still the washing is on and he is back so I am back too.

Before we get on to that though I have to announce the arrival of a new friend. It is the lovely Lady Winifred and she hails from my American fan club. She is a little love I can tell you and we have already concocted some new schemes together. Thank you very much for sending her along and rest assured she is settling in well.

That man and Uncle Tache took to the wide blue skies and ended up in sunny Florida last week. Needless to say yours truly was not included but you can’t keep me from joining in and I managed to slip into the bag as that man was leaving. One of the key points about this trip was that they were flying first class on the BA A380 to Miami. Boy did they make the most of the opportunities available to them. The champagne flowed non stop as well as a rather lovely Burgundy. They each had their own private little suite which converted to a flat bed and were given sleep suits. That man was very keen on his and he had changed into it before the wheels were up after take off on the way home. He then snuggled under his duvet and was soon hammering them home. I tell you I could get used to this level of service. Fresh glasses of alcohol kept on appearing without having to ask for it and we even had Bucks Fizz for breakfast. Fantastic!

They both had a good time in Florida I can tell you. There was a very exciting trip along Alligator Alley and trips out to the beach on both coasts. More importantly they also managed to fit in some shopping trips to a couple of outlet malls. The staff in Ralph Lauren Polo did not know what had hit them I can tell you. Needless to say Uncle Tache had a succession of stunning outfits to wow our impressionable colonial cousins. That man didn’t quite manage to reach this mark though. Instead he donned a pair of trainers for the duration. When coupled with the long sleeved shirts and long pants they made him look like Forrest Gump! I tell you whatever the glamorous location that man can bring it down to his level.

Now what has caused us such mirth I can hear you ask. Well on one of these shopping trips that man actually bought two new shirts. Needless to say Uncle Tache had also purchased half of the shop and they proceeded in an orderly fashion to the check outs. All well so far. The lovely lady behind the counter rang up their purchases. She then took one look at that man and without asking gave him the senior citizen discount. For those that don’t know this he is at least ten years away from that particular landmark. What a discerning cashier. You really do have to laugh at these things I tell you and this has cheered us up no end! In the meantime we have to cope with the come down from first class. I haven’t had a glass of Burgundy for at least 10 minutes-it is not good enough you know.


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