Afternoon all. It is a bit sunshine and showers here today. I am not just talking about the weather either. I am expecting a joint visit by my Norwegian and Irish fan clubs a bit later on so I am bracing myself for some madness I can tell you.

Some of my more deranged fans have been pestering to see us in our new home. As you know I deliver what my fans want so here we are in our new home.

Our new home

Our new home

As you can see everything is very tasteful and all is well.

That man has started to settle down now. After nearly a month he has discovered how the oven works so that is good news for all concerned. Now if he just works how the bottle opener works we will be well and truly in business! No really it has been a long time without a drink I can tell you. His normal trick is to discover a need for something. Now I need some kitchen towels we heard him say recently. I am sure that I brought over some from the old place. Where could they be? Of course we know as we watched him put them away about five minutes ago. No I can’t find them I will have to nip round to Waitrose to buy some more. Off he trots. Ten minutes later he is back with new towels. Now where should I put these? This looks like a good spot. Oh dear they can’t go in here as it is already full of erm paper towels. This has been going on for quite some time now and it never fails to amuse us. One day he will get it right but until then we are enjoying ourselves no end I can tell you!

I think that it might be time to go now as he is muttering about putting me away in a safe place if I don’t shut up. Blooming cheek I can tell you. I need to prepare for the arrival of my fans later on anyway. I really must find the bottle opener!


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