It is that word again

Good morning to you all on a slightly damp and grey morning here in the Eyrie.

As you know I try and keep up with the rapidly moving events here in the Eyrie. Sometimes months go by with no real news and I am hard pressed to come up with something that people want to read. Then all of a sudden that man and Uncle Tache turn round and surprise us. You may recall that there was a particularly bad example of this a few months ago when suddenly the moving trucks arrived and before we knew what was happening we were packed up and moved to a new place without a by or leave. Well this week has seen another instance of this. It all started on Wednesday when that man turned up unexpectedly at lunchtime whilst we were having a bit of a post lunch nap. He breezed in and picked up a rather nice bottle of Champagne that we had assumed was for us and then departed. Later on he returned and was looking quite tense and proceeded to spend “quality time” with us which I think it is fair to say none of us really enjoyed. The next day that word exchange stared to appear in conversations again and we got a bit suspicious as last time that word was used we were evicted from our comfy home. Still nothing too bad seemed to happen and Friday dawned bright and breezy. That man went off to work and he looked very worried about something. Talk about a changed man when he came back. He picked me up and gave me a hug and told us all that we were moving again. This time we are moving to a rather gorgeous Georgian townhouse built in about 1760 in the heart of the old town in Poole. The house has 6 toilets, 5 bathrooms and 2 kitchens so plenty of space for everyone. The best bit though is that there is a proper Eyrie right at the top of the house and that man has promised me that we can share it. It even has a view of the harbour and the Sunseeker boat yard so I can keep an eye on how my luxury yacht is coming on. We are also very close to the ferry terminal where I can take a ferry to Jersey or Guernsey to keep an eye on my investments at a moments notice. For once I can say that the dynamic duo done good!

Well it is Eurovision day at last. We hope that you enjoy the whole experience and don’t forget your voting instructions. We are looking forward to the whole experience despite the fact that my favourite song has already been eliminated. Yes we have no Blackbirds to vote for so vote Italy as there is a dancing Gorilla involved. I don’t doubt that the best song will win so I am off to prepare. Enjoy!


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