On the road

Good morning. Please let me introduce myself as Cliff is off shore at the moment fussing about his investments. My name is Percy and I am a Duck. Of course I am more upmarket than my initially plebeian name suggests and it is actually pronounced Pursey. I normally live on the front seat of the Tachemobile and so I am used to hurtling round the lesser known corners of Buckinghamshire at breakneck speed whilst Uncle Tache goes from A to B. Think the Monaco Grand Prix without the yachts and you have more or less got the picture. I love speed so it is a perfect match. Anyway I was allowed to go on holiday this year so I get to talk to all of you.

Well the holiday started well as our dynamic duo were due to meet in Poole and that man had an early start. He stalked through the old town of Poole and dragged along some companions to join him. Meanwhile Uncle Tache got the chara ready and we all met up by the seaside. This shot shows some of my travelling companions waiting for me by the sea.

Some old friends by the seaside

Some old friends by the seaside

As you can see Bob the Sheep was in a holiday mood and was really entering into the spirit of the occasion. He put a hanky on his head a bit later on and went for a paddle. Anyway after a lovely dinner and a good breakfast we all set off for the delights of Devon. Our first stop was in the lovely town of Axminster where we all had a bit of an explore and a light lunch at the Sublyme cafe. Then it was Westward Ho! to Great Torrington in the heart of Devon. Our house was a lovely one built in 1701 and very classy. We soon settled in and this is our party gathered for pre dinner snifters.

Chilling in Torrington

Chilling in Torrington

The Dog is my friend Branston. He is a rescue dog who was found in an undisclosed location in the City of London recently. He has a lovely nature and we get along very well you know. After we had settled in it was off to the chippy for a big bag of chips and a few scraps for us.

The best day out was across the wilderness of Exmoor. The weather was perfect and the chara took us all on an outing to what seemed like the top of the world. We all had a lovely drive through the little back roads as they criss-crossed the high peaks which were covered in a low flying clouds. We then arrived at this lovely stream and walked down to a rocky cove by the sea where the sun came out. Quite perfect. I wasn’t allowed in to Dartington crystal but we understand that some purchases were made which was naughty of both of them. Anyway the holiday was soon over and everyone was packed ready for the journey home. This is Branston and I left to the end having a last look round.

The end of the holiday

The end of the holiday

The good news is that they are going back next year. That man booked it this morning so hooray!

Meanwhile in other news the new house in Poole comes a step nearer. Whilst he was there that man took a senior member of the team (Colin the Camel) to see the house and he expressed himself delighted with what he saw. That was a major hurdle as if Colin had given it the hooves down then the move wouldn’t have happened. It is hoped that things might come to a head by the end of next month.

I have enjoyed sharing my holiday memories with you all. I hope that you have enjoyed reading them. Worry not though Cliff will be back soon.


2 thoughts on “On the road

  1. Mrs Rine

    Thanks Percy, that was much more informative and less ranting than when Cliff is at the keyboard!!

    1. kirdishley Post author

      Thank you so much. What a person of discernment you are. Cliff can get a bit “ranty” at times and I do like to bring a dignified presence to the whole thing. Having said that I must admit that I was heard to shout “I am going to Devon you losers” as we departed from the garage at the start of our journey.


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