Sheep and Horsies-a mystery solved

Good afternoon all. Yes it is Cliff back from his short sojourn on Jersey where I “own” half a field of Jersey Royals as a vehicle for all of my investments that are vaguely legal. The other ones reside in Panama but don’t tell anyone that. Whilst I remember I should also say pinch and a punch to you all and wish you a happy June.

I hope that you enjoyed young Percy and his account of events over the past week or so. He is a nice young Duck about town that Percy so it was a pleasure to give him the chance to have his say. One interesting fact that he didn’t mention was what happened on Exmoor. As you know our Uncle Tache likes to drive in an “assertive” manner and we all enjoy our trips out in his little black rocket of a car. Well that man and he had been for a lovely walk to a rocky cove and then had a good lunch. They settled in for the drive back and were moving up a road with a very steep incline (25%) when they encountered a Peacock that if they had stopped would have required the mother of all hill starts. Needless to say the Peacock got out the way very quickly and harmony was restored. Off they went to Lynmouth for a cream tea and the sea mist finally cleared. Whilst they were sat in the tea room a Robin came up to their table and they were able to feed him on the table itself. I reckon this Robin was on to a good thing as he must have seen that neither of the dynamic duo could have given it any trouble after the mountain of chips and cake that they had consumed during the day! Then it was off to go home across the wild moors of Exmoor. If you want to define living life close to the edge try going over a cattle grid at 60 mph. Once over the cattle grid it was the wide open spaces of the moor. As they went over what should they encounter but a herd of wild ponies and sheep apparently living in harmony. Now we were quite surprised to hear this as Bob the Sheep had told us in very definite terms that Sheep and Horsies do not get on-full stop. Well we now know that this is not quite true as they live together on Exmoor. He is muttering something about things being different in the South West but I think that he will have to be careful as this is where we are moving to before too long. Anyway they get through this herd and round the next corner a mummy sheep is feeding her little lamb in the middle of the road. There was a tense stand off of sheep versus machine and the car eventually was allowed to proceed. What larks eh?

Now it is my heavy duty to issue instructions for voting for next week. As you know Brexit and this election have been going on for an eternity and we are getting a bit tired of it all. The fact that we now watch “Waiting for God” instead of the news tells you everything that you need to know. We wouldn’t do anything as crude as saying who you should vote for so all we will do is to encourage you to vote for soemone rather than allowing your vote to go to waste. I mean to say those Chartists and Suffragettes fought and died so that we could go along and vote for that waste of space Corbyn or that harpy May. Vote early and vote often is my message to you. Whatever the result it will be business as usual on Friday week. Until then I off to wash some money as it gets quite dirty planted in a potato field. I am not sure why that man is going on about money laundering-what a wally is all I will say.


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