Introducing Conrad

Morning all and welcome back.

I have big news to share with you. Now I realise that in this day and age news has to be very big in order to make it into this category. However, I think that you will agree that this meets this criteria when you find out what has been going on. What on earth is going on I hear you cry. I have a birdie rival right here in the Eyrie. There I have said it-that is better. What has happened is that I have been usurped by another birdie who has the cute factor in bucket loads. As you know I don’t do cute. Grumpy, petty and miserable are some of the words used to describe me-certainly not cute. Over the last couple of weeks though I kept on hearing about little Conrad. I should have been suspicious but it is often the Eagle that is the last to know. Anyway one day I heard this cheeping and saw my rival revealed in all his glory. Naturally I went out to say hello as I am nothing but polite and we have struck up a friendship based on the premise that you can’t go wrong if you are annoying that man. This works very well for both of us so that is good. In case you hadn’t heard little Conrad is a young Coot around town. He was born about four weeks ago and that man has been watching him grow up. He has gone from being a little bit of fluff to a rather fine little fellow in that space of time. He lives with his mummy and daddy on the lake and spends his time cheeping very loudly. Each morning that man now goes and stands by the lake and the whole family come up and say hello for a few moments. It makes him happy so I really shouldn’t argue I suppose. Still it is potential competition and for that reason I need to be careful that I don’t get entirely usurped. Having said that though-he is very cute indeed!

Conrad out with his parents

Conrad out with his parents

In other news the move to the West Country seems to be progressing. That man is left reeling by the daily demands on his purse and our trust fund but Uncle Tache is the voice of reason on that front and simply tells him that all will be well and not to worry. What a nice man he is. Speaking of this there are mutterings about part time working come the autumn. I am a bit suspicious of this and will be doing my best to encourage him out of the house at the earliest possible occasion on his “non working” days. We have things to do during the day and having that man hanging round will simply get in our way. That is all I am saying on the subject-for now.

Anyway it is a nice day out there so I am off to see if little Conrad can come out and play.


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