Code aqua my a**e

Morning all and welcome back.

So that you can picture the scene we are all sat here coughing away as that man decided that it was time that everything had a good dusting. This has meant that we were all shifted around without a by or leave and now we are sat here settling down again. Still it is par for the course and we are used to it. I would like to say that it is a small price to pay to live in such wonderful company but I won’t try and insult your intelligence dear reader.

Well I suppose the big talking point this week has been the weather. It has been very warm here and humid too I should add. To give you some idea as to how hot it has been Uncle Tache has been going to work in some natty little polo type shirts. The net effect has been that we have kept close to home and tried to keep cool. Of course, it is handy having the lake just outside the window as our aquatic cousins can go and play in the lake and keep cool. Personally I have been spending part of each day in the fridge with my supply of Gin and Tonic and that has worked well for me. I am not sure how that man has coped in the unlikely event that anyone is interested. I think that he has been glad to go to “work” where the air conditioning has helped. We have been glad to see the back of him too so a bit of a win win situation all round I think that you will agree.

I have been inundated with request to know how young Conrad is getting on. Uncle Tache always says that he has created a monster as that man refuses to get out of bed for anything less than first class travel these days. I am feeling a bit the same about young Conrad. He has grabbed the attention of the nation and I understand that Simon Cowell is in advanced talks to give him his own talent show. However his mum and dad have done a good job raising him as he is really still the same down to earth young Coot that we have all grown to know and love. I always think of him as a bit like a modern day Gracie Fields singing his little heart out to the adoring fans. Anyway to answer the questions put to us he is doing all right and is growing up quite quickly. That man saw him only yesterday where he was grazing in one of the big residents gardens and he sends his best wishes (Conrad and not that man I should add in case that last sentence was ambiguous in any way!). Anyway all is well so no need to worry.

Progress is progressing on our new home. Only a couple of weeks or so and we get the keys and stuff comes out of storage. That man has come up with a moving in plan and we are all code aqua whatever that means. He will be issuing a briefing pack for us in the next week or so. That will be interesting. I think that he thinks that everything will happen in a neat and orderly fashion-dream on is what I say to that. We are planning our own riotous and outrageous train journey down to the new house which will be discussed for years to come and knock at least 20% off the value of the train company. None of this code aqua nonsense I can tell you. As Andrew said only the other day “code aqua my a**e”. Quite Anglo Saxon in its direct approach but also quite true. We do things in our own way in the Eyrie you know. Still it will be nice to be reunited with some of our stuff and I know that man is really looking forward to having his very expensive Hermann Miller chair back in his life. He is also quite excited about having some books to pass on to Uncle Tache. In particular he wants to find his copy of “Rebecca” as he thinks that Uncle Tache will enjoy it. I think this is probably fair enough as it is a cracking good read but I am a bit worried that he might identify a bit too closely with Mrs Danvers and that will not end up well for any of us if he does! If you have no idea as to what I am going on about read the book to find out-you won’t regret it if you do trust me.

Time to go I think. We are all settling down after our dusting and I think that it is time for another raid on the fridge!


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