All is well

Hello there. A bit of a shocker here as I am sure you weren’t expecting to hear from me so quickly but as you know I like to surprise and delight in equal measure.

Well it has been a historic week here in the Eyrie. Readers of a nervous disposition will recall that we were all due to move this week. It turns out that there was a certain amount of misunderstanding going on. The Code Aqua status that we had been given means that we will not be in the first tranche of things moving. Instead we will transition when it is convenient over the next couple of months. What happened this week is that man went down to Poole on Tuesday and met a lovely lady from the estate agents and picked up the keys. This went very well and he even followed through on his threat to take a large quantity of toilet rolls. This was lucky as there wasn’t any in the house and so he was able to distribute them around so rest assured everything is provided for. I think that it is fair to say that there were some highs and lows about the day. The biggest low was that I was left at home-clearly! The house is lovely and you can see a little slither of harbour from our new Eyrie. There are some lovely views of the roof tops and surrounding church. The rooms are good sizes and the whole house feels very peaceful and welcoming. There is a lot of Lavender in the back garden and the bees were really enjoying it in the sunshine. There is even a little lean to in the back garden which will be useful when my smuggling operations come on stream I can tell you. I suppose the biggest down was that there seems to be a lot to do but of course we have Uncle Tache to help out and it will feel better when the furniture arrives on Monday. At least you can sit down when that happens. All in all things are progressing well so no need to worry.

In other news there has been a population explosion on the lake. Little Conrad has some cousins who have moved in. There are also some Ducklings and a little Moorhen family have chirped their way into our lives too. What fun.

UT has been out and about this week chairing a conference in a large Spanish city. He sounds as if he has had a good time and he seemed quite merry when he called up after a pirate ship trip round the harbour accompanied by cocktails. That man let us look at the hotel he was staying in and we were very impressed.

Anyway a couple of Cliffie wing waves to end on. The first is for Big Nana who has a birthday coming up this week. The second is for my stalker in Norway who also has a birthday. We wish them both a Happy Birthday. We also understand that a couple of our international fan clubs are planning a get together. We hope that it all goes well.


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