I am still here!

Hello there to all of my many followers who have been worried about me. I did warn you that things were going to get disrupted and I have been proved right-again.

The move continues apace. That man and Uncle Tache had great fun moving things around and trying to fit furniture into places that it was never going to fit into. Bookshelves that were destined for the basement have ended up in the attic and they look very good there. Big Nana’s table has been dismantled and moved and put back together again. Doors have been on and off their hinges and Uncle Tache has deployed his electric screwdriver on several occasions. All good fun you know. Things have moved on in the outside world too you know. Our Fig tree got blown over in the recent bad weather and so a replacement will need to be sought. It all adds to the general sense of anticipation that is growing in the Eyrie as our move date approaches ever closer. We understand that a new home is being constructed for us all and we will be joining our cousins from the country to form a Posse that will be more than a match for the local Seagull population. This weekend it is a general unpacking of the book collection so that they can go back on their shelves. Mind you there are several flights of stairs between where the boxes are and where the shelves are located. Good planning there that man!

It might be a little while until I am able to speak again. Things are quite disrupted as our dynamic duo are here there and everywhere for so much of the week that it is difficult to get a chance to log on. Come September things will have calmed down a little bit and we will be ready for our move. Between now and then I will try and get some pictures of the new place in its finished state so that you can plan your visits and choose your bedroom in advance.


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