A quick update for you all

Afternoon and welcome back. Another sunny afternoon here in the Eyrie.

I thought that you might like to see some more pictures of our new home which is coming along nicely.

This is the sitting room and my good friend Derek the pink Giraffe sat on the sideboard. If you look carefully you can see that he is very happy in his new home.

Derek the pink Giraffe

Derek the pink Giraffe

It looks a bit untidy but rest assured that this will be sorted out before too long.

We then move on to the dining room. This has become the resting place for all of the empty boxes and all the other bits and pieces that goes with moving house.

Box city

Box city

Box city part 2

Box city part 2

Finally it is a very sad sight.

Oh dear-It's happened again

Oh dear-It’s happened again

Trust me it is nothing to do with me-no really it isn’t!

Our dynamic duo continue to explore the local area. On Saturday Uncle Tache was quietly painting a table with some paint that takes up to 16 hours to dry. He had left this out in the backyard. There was quite some rumbling in the sky and that man thought that the French had probably invaded (don’t ask why-I gave up years ago trying to understand his wilder flights of fancy!). Anyway they got in the car ready to go to the local tip having left the table out in the yard and the heavens opened. It really was a downpour that was quite tropical and lasted about five minutes. Needless to say the new paint job did not survive. Still it was quite spectacular watching it come in over the harbour. Luckily Bob the Sheep was in London so missed out on it all as otherwise he would have been out in it and I fear that he would have shrunk in all of that rain.

Meanwhile in other news my US fan club are in the final stages of preparing of coming to see me. That will be nice for them won’t it? Seriously Cliffiefest is being held in London next week. Safe journey to my fan club and a big wingwave to all concerned. Expect more updates as matters progress.


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