Part time Eagle

Afternoon all. Welcome back. That man is now working part time so Wednesdays are our days when we spend “quality” time together. Today is no exception. Up a bit later doing ironing and washing and then off to the shops. At the moment he is cooking some lunch (bangers and mash with some runner beans) and then snuggled up on the settee watching a new DVD he has bought. It is all quite civilised really and we are enjoying the experience.

Well it has been quite wet and windy in the last few days all over the place. We hope that our American friends have managed to weather the storm. It looked awful over there. Worry not relief is on the way in the form of Uncle Tache who is off to Fort Lauderdale in November. Hopefully he will be able to help out with any jobs that need doing. Last night was very windy and wet here in London. We even closed the windows early as we were worried about getting blown away.

Today has been full of incident I can tell you. It started off with some phone calls to various utility companies telling them about our move. That man then went out to visit a financial institution in the area where our savings are kept. He managed to change the address there and was on his way back when he realised that he had the wrong set of keys in his pocket. He has a big bunch of keys on his well used “Help for Heroes” key ring which gets him in and out of Poole but not London. This was a bit of a problem as we were inside and he was outside and no way to bridge the gap! Luckily there was a spare set of keys so he was able to get back in to make sure that we were all right. Needless to say we were coping well in his absence and so all was well. We even told him to calm down as all was well. Anyway it was off to Waitrose to buy some lunch. As he was walking along there was quite a huddle of journalists. Instead of doing the sane thing and coming back to get me he carried on. There was the Mayor of London standing on a street corner mouthing off about something or nothing. If this makes it to the news look out and you will see that man clomping along the road trying not to look impressed. Once again robbed of my chance to be on the national news to deliver my manifesto to the nation!

Uncle Tache has been busy and has ordered a lot of new furniture. This is now scheduled to arrive over the next few weeks. I am glad to say that this includes a new desk and chair for that man in the new look Eyrie. Needless to say that he has gone for the generous option and we will soon be nestling up on our new Herman Miller Aeron chair. It is only a couple of weeks before we achieve this Nirvana type state and we will report back once we have achieved it.

Lunch is progressing well and so it is nearly time to go along and start nibbling on the Sausages. What a treat and maybe this part time lark won’t be too bad. Time will tell but if we have the entertainment of being locked out and the Mayor of London turning up we might be on to a good thing. I think our first Wednesday in Poole is going to involve a trip out to Compton Acres so watch out for the photos in due course. What fun!


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