Morning all. Welcome back.

It is good news week this week. First of all I would like to reassure you that we made it through Storm Brian. It was very windy throughout Saturday but we did make it though. It is a lovely morning this morning. It is bright and sunny and with a slight breeze. Lovely. We might even go for a walk later on to fully enjoy the whole experience. Needless to say that man was up and atom early today and has already gone for a sunrise walk along the harbourside and really enjoyed watching the sun rise. On the other hand the saner members of this little family decided to tuck ourselves up in bed for a little bit longer. Nice!

The biggest news is that the first tranche of Uncle Tache’s furniture arrived on Monday. We now have a lovely dining table and another bed to bounce up and down on. Bliss!

We have also started to acquire a little crew down here. Our first member is a window cleaner called Dan who came and did all of our windows for a bargain rate. It is lovely as they were looking a bit neglected but no longer. He is scheduled to come every month so that is a treat to look forward to on an ongoing basis. We have also acquired some lockmsiths as well who are fixing the garage door.

The other big news though is that heating has arrived at the house-hooray. Some of our more tropical brethren were muttering about cold mornings and such like. No need any longer as the place is nice and toasty. What a difference that has made I can tell you. Of course I didn’t complain as I am a nice well brought up Eagle-as you know!

It might be time to go as Uncle Tache has just announced that he is off to make Bacon sarnies so I want to be at the front of that particular queue and certainly in front of that man so who can be quite greedy you know. Out of my way human scum which is a phrase that I learnt from Uncle Tache when caught up in a traffic jam. Nothing gets between this particular Eagle and a Bacon buttie I can tell you!


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