It’s snow joke you know

Morning all. It is a positively Dickensian posting this morning as that man and I are having to work together to post this due to heavy snow. Yes that is right the white stuff is coming down very thickly in Buckingham and there is quite a coating already. That man is sat in the kitchen in Buckingham watching the snow fall. He thinks that I am in Poole directing his little fingers across the keyboard from afar. Piffle and nonsense to that I say. I have gone for a short weekend break somewhere warm to celebrate the fact that the old misery is away this weekend. Just don’t tell him and that will be all right.

Bob the Sheep continues to be a concern for one and all. He has been practsing his one Sheep bell recitial ready for the four hour show on Christmas morning. If you want a sneak preview we would be happy to put him in a Jiffy bag and post him to you if you would klindly send us your address. He will ring his little bell for anyone you know. He also hasn’t quite realized that he might have some competition from the church come Christmas morning but we all feel that it might be a case of live and learn on that front. Still that man went on a long train journey yesterday through a wintery landscape. He saw some Sheep asleep in the fold and lying down in the snow covered in the stuff. He told Bob that he should be happy that he was nice and warm and Bob simply said talk to the bell as the sheep wasn’t listening. I foresee trouble ahead with that one. Speaking of Christmas planning continues for the Christmas picture and my end of year review. I know that some are getting a bit anxious about the latter but only those with a guilty conscience should be worried. That should put some minds at rest I hope.

We had a lovely visitor last weekend in the form of Uncle Dave. He is always a welcome visitor. He and that man went on an epic tour of the countryside and went for a bus trip from Poole to Corfe Castle for lunch and then on to Swanage where they saw the Santa Claus express leave the station. It was a lovely steam engine so they were both pleased. After that it was time to board the top deck of the open top bus for the trip back to Bournemouth via the chain link ferry at Sandbanks. After that a stroll along the pier and through the gardens in Bournemouth before the final joiurney home on the bus to Poole. A lovely day. We enjoyed the last bit though. They were coming to the level crossing in Poole town center when the gates startled to come down. They decide to make a run for it and sprinted across to the other side as the barrier was coming down. What middle aged madness is what I say and that is being generous given their respective ages!

Don’t tell anyone but Father Christmas has visited here early and he has handed over the pressies and that man was busy wrapping them up this week. They look as if a three year old has been let loose with the wrapping paper but you can’t see what is in them at least. I think that we will have to say to people to just rip them open and not say anything about the quality of the wrapping.

Officially I am off for a bit of a roll in the snow with Willy the Seal. He knows how to have a good time in the cold I can tell you. There is even enough snow for a snowball fight. Unofficially I am off to put my towel on a sunbed with Willy the Seal and we are going to laze by the pool today. Don’t tell him though. It will be our little secret until the credit card bill comes in!


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