A sunny day at Sandbanks

Good afternoon from a sunny and warm Poole. Yes you read that right we seem to be experiencing a late February surge of good weather today. It is all very unnerving and I am sure that it won’t last but for now the weather is behaving itself. We have even opened some windows to let some fresh air in which is good. So how did we celebrate this sudden change of weather? Easy we hopped on the number 60 bus and went to Sandbanks for a walk along the beach. Whilst on the bus we met a rather lovely Labradoodle who required a lot of petting and attention which was nice for that man. The Pack are all very well but they don’t do cute and cuddly in the same way as this young fellow me lad did. The walk was rather nice as we were able to enjoy the sun on the water and a nice bracing breeze. All in all a couple of hours well spent.

Only a quick posting today but we just wanted to capture the moment for you to enjoy. Of course, what would have upgraded the day would have been if that man had actually thought about my needs and bought me an ice cream but living here has definitely taught us to take what we can get whilst is is on offer. Until next week when we might have some exciting news to reveal about the house (or maybe not depending on what happens over the next few days) we hope that the weather is good where you are and that you get a chance to enjoy it.


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