Well done our brave Lions

Morning all. Greetings from another bright and sunny day on the south coast. That man was up early and so we have a little bit of time to post.

Well didn’t they do well. We are very proud of our brave Lions and they did brilliantly. To have got to the semi finals was brilliant and at least they lost fair and square rather than through a penalty shoot out. Well done and we look forward to even better things in the future. A special shout out to nice Mr Southgate who displayed real leadership and is an inspiration. Let’s hope that he gets Sports Personality of the Year rather than that dopey Lewis Hamilton.

We had a little visitor last week. Paddington came to join us as Uncle Brian was coming down. We had a nice time and Kiv and I took him on a tour of the climbing opportunities in the garden.

Here we are exploring the Honeysuckle.

Out and about

Out and about

A side view.

Side view

Side view

Then we were tired out.

A little down time

A little down time

That man and Uncle Tache went to see Big Nana this week. They had a lovely time so thank you to Big Nana for her kind hopsitality. Today is a big day for birthdays so a big Cliffie wingwave to both Big Nana and my Stalker both of whom are celebrating their birthdays today.

I notice that Mr Trump is with us trying to stir things up. I think he might overestimate his influence if he is trying to make Boris Johnson the next PM. He says that they are good friends but there is something going through my mind about knowing someone through the company that they keep. I don’t known which one that I dislike more. I mean to say I would rather have Mr Putin as PM rather than a Trump led Boris coup. Enough said I think. That man has told me that I can’t go and protest and we love the big Trump baby balloon. Perhaps I could make my own protest here. I am off to think about what might have the biggest impact.


4 thoughts on “Well done our brave Lions

  1. Michelle

    Heartbreaking game… The brave Lions played so well. As for the Donald…. you all can keep him if you like. There was a great article in the New York Times today that referred to Trump & Johnson as radically incompetent, I love that phrase and so accurate.

    1. kirdishley Post author

      Oh Aunty Michelle how true on all fronts. It just goes from bad to worse now that Trump can’t even work out whether he believes that “nice” Mr Putin did or din’t interfere in the election. Has he said if he is running again yet?

      1. Michelle

        Yes he has. He holds regular rallies (ego stroking sessions) and has raised $80 million in campaigning funds so far according to the New York Times. He is consistent in one thing, he will say whatever the people around him want to hear. So when next to Putin he says Russian was not involved, back here he suddenly misspoke and Russia is involved and we need to ensure it does not happen again. At least he is consistent in one thing, he has no backbone.

      2. kirdishley Post author

        Good lord I am not sure that I can stand another four years. Perhaps I need to start a bring back nice Mr Nixon campaign. At least he eventually owned up!

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