Harvest time

Good afternoon all. Welcome to a wet and windy Poole. Autumn seems to have turned up and it is a bit nippy as well as wet. Still the forecast for next week is better so the heating is turned off for another week. We are all comfy on our snuggler so that is all right.

As it is Autumn our thoughts have turned to harvest festival and such like. If you recall young Figgis the Fig tree has had a bit of a mixed year. He was pruned and was simply a stick. Then he started to grow and is now a fine little fellow filling quite a lot of or little courtyard haven. Well this week that man decided that it was time to “harvest” the fruit that he has produced. We thought that you would be impressed by the resulting groaning harvest.

Our Fig harvest

Our Fig harvest

Good eh?

In other Autumn related developments the bulbs for next year have now been purchased on a day trip to Dorchester. Believe it or not this represents personal growth as it is the first trip to that town that hasn’t resulted in the purchase of a puppy. I mean to say it got so bad that we had to export one of them to the US where young Tad has hopefully settled down to life overseas. Thank you to his adoptive parents for helping us out. Anyway that man went off and purchased some bulbs and they will be planted up this week. It will be a good display and Bob the Sheep and his brother Bucky are already excited at the thought of Barry the Crocus appearing once more. We will be playing this part of it down as it is a bit tedious for those of us who have to sit next to Bob for the next three months or so. If you come and see us then please don’t remind him that Barry has landed.

In the wider world things continue to go from bad to worse. My thoughts are with the US fan club at this tricky time. I guess that Mr Trump has decided that he doesn’t need any women to vote for him to get reelected. As for Brexit suddenly things are moving once Mrs May danced her way to make her speech at the Tory party conference. Goodness knows what we will end up with but it looks like a deal could be on the cards. I am sure that we will be talking about this for years to come one way or another. 2018 has been a funny old year one way or another so far and I am sure there is more to come.

Worry not I have got some photos ready for our next fan focus spot. Watch this space for more!


2 thoughts on “Harvest time

  1. Auntie Michelle

    Tad update – he has settled in very nicely. He is a loved member of his pack and is learning how to speak “American” quite well. Although all his new siblings do love his classy British accent. We are all just trying to do our thing and not worry too much about the political world right now. I know the world has been through worse and we will find our way though the current craziness.

    1. kirdishley Post author

      Thank you Aunty Michelle. Glad that Tad has settled in. He is quite classy so glad that his new friends have picked up on that. Just as you think that things can’t get any worse there has been a royal baby announcement. A whole winter of speculation ahead of us.


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