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A Christmas treat!

I promised you a Christmas treat and I think you would agree that I have delivered on that promise!

Happy Christmas to all my loyal followers!

Just another day in the office...

Just another day in the office…

Christmas photo

Just another day at the office…


Some festive snaps

First of all my crew would like to wish you a Merry Christmas.

My crew

My crew

As Christmas in nearly here I also thought I would release the official Christmas shots. I think that they capture my essential personality.

Cliff in a Christmas tree

Merry Christmas

Me in a tree

Me in a tree

Me in a Christmas tree

Out and about in a tree

There is one more picture to come which I think you will like. You will just have to be patient.

The naughty and nice list is here at last

Afternoon all. Well it is that time of year again and we all start to look back and review our year. So here we go again with our (in)famous naughty and nice list.

First of all I would like to put all my younger readers on to the nice list. I have had a word with my mate Father Christmas and he has confirmed that he has already loaded your pressies on his sleigh. We Eagles do occasionally sub contract for him so don’t be surprised if you see a particularly handsome Eagle hovering outside your window on the 24th.

Also on the nice list is the whole Olympic thing. Obviously the opening ceremony would have been improved by a bit more Eagle action but Danny Boyle didn’t seem to get my message. Apart from that one small flaw it was perfect. Honestly though you can see the sort of poor material I am working with when I tell you that when they recently repeated nice Mr Farrah winning his second race that man had to wipe a tear away. Those of you who are observant should also find it as no surprise to know that the absolute highlight was to see nice Mr Beckham speeding up the Thames on his little boat. I did offer to help him out and fly the torch up river but he talked to his lovely wife and she said that a boat would be better. Next time I will try and talk to the organ grinder and not the Monkey when dealing with those two.

That was quick. I didn’t think the nice list would be so quick to get through. Anyway on to the nasty list. In no particular order.

Scandinavia. First they beat nice Mr Humperdinck at Eurovision but we then got our revenge at the Olympics. Where did Norway or Sweden finish in the medals table that is what I want to know! To top it all then this strange man comes over and threatens me with Peanuts. Don’t worry loyal followers we will get our revenge in Malmo. Anyway happy Sheep Rib day to all my friends in Norway and I hope that you enjoy it. Talking of Sheep Rib…

The weather Sheep. Little Dale has surpassed himself this year. Personally I think that he outdid himself on the day of the Jubilee pageant when that man got soaked to the skin. It was only his DrisaBone that saved him from total immersion. On second thoughts it did give us a good laugh so let’s move Dale on to the nice list. Well done mate!

The person in charge of signage at the Olympic Park. It was a very long flap to West Ham station at the end of an exhausting day and to say that the station was just round the corner was wildly misleading. Next time I talk to that Lord Coe I will tell him that when he next organises a little event to say it is a long way to West Ham rather than saying it is the fastest way into London.

Whilst we are on the topic of the Olympics those nasty people at the International Cycling Union who refused nice Mr Cundy a restart go on the nasty list. We Eagles have a long memory and we will crap on their heads some time soon.

The French. Never trust a Frog is what I say so I was delighted that we whipped their butts in the Olympic and Paralympic medal tables. Remember Agincourt and Waterloo Mr Hollande before making stupid comments about the Olympics.

South West Trains. We did laugh at that man being stranded at Surbiton station for an hour on the coldest day of the year. That will serve him right for trying to go to Portsmouth without me. I was looking forward to doing my Titanic impression on the Gosport ferry.

Barbour retail. They really don’t understand customer service in those places. If I was able to run a shop I would at least stop chatting to my mates long enough to say hello to my customers. They obviously haven’t worked that one out yet at Barbour.

I know some of my loyal followers were worried about what I might say about them in this review. Don’t worry your secrets are safe with me-for now! You just need to hope that you don’t make the list in 2013.

A bit of festive magic

We love this-it perfectly sums up our view of Snowmen. Honestly they steal focus from us Eagles at this very festive time.
Our favourite is the last one on the list for obvious reasons!

To save complaints later when the link opens you need to click the small number buttons on the top of the screen to view stuff. My top tip look at number 13 first of all.

London bomb listing

Really this is very good. The area where we live was flattened by the Germans during the war.   That cleared a huge area where they then built our little hutch.   I found this article this week that alerted me to a new website showing bomb damage all over the London area.   It has also got pictures for those of my followers with a short attention span (you know who your are!).   I hope you enjoy it.

For those who want to go straight to it then this is the site itself.

Who said this blog lacked intellectual fibre!

You have been warned-the naughty and nice list is on its way!

Relaxing by the lake

Relaxing with Charlie by the lake

Whilst I don’t want to take management tips from a Scandinavian (see my interview with a Norwegian to see what I have to say on that particular subject!) I do like the idea of the naughty and nice list. I am thinking about my own list this week so watch out. Some of you might want to think carefully about your strategy towards the press (normally I would recommend Max Clifford but he is a bit busy at the moment!) as I make my revelations about the past year. In particular if I was a certain native of a northern country I would try to get my story straight before I reveal why your nickname is EOD!

I am pleased to see that the number of my followers has increased to 6. Welcome on board Uncle Mike. I am sure that you will enjoy the experience. Respectful greetings to my mate Wolf as well who lives with Uncle Mike. As we are also in meet and greet mode we also pass on get well soon wishes to Cecelia’s “owner” who is recovering from a recent minor op. I hope that everything went well on Friday. I am stopping now before this turns in to an episode of Family Favourites. I am really not that type of Eagle you know.

If I hit double figures for followers I will have officially gone viral so tell your friends to sign up. However, don’t adopt the attitude that one of my followers has of simply signing up as he wants to be a groupie. He was heard to say that you don’t have to look at the blooming thing when you are notified of a new post. You know who you are. Really these people from south London are so common!

Finally for now I thought I would share another picture of Charlie and me out and about last week.

I am off to work on my list. Don’t forget bribery will get you from one side to the other provided the bribe is big enough!