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Sheep, celebrities, bulbs and Russians

Hello all. A bit of a bonus post for you all.

I had to take to the keyboard to share with you the news that Sheep can be trained to spot “celebrities”. Now if you ask me including Fiona Bruce amongst the list of celebrities is pushing the definition to its very limits and beyond but we will rise above that aspect of the story. Anyway we have been experimenting with Bob the Sheep to try and test out the theory. We showed him pictures of various celebs and tested him to see if he recognised any of them. He didn’t have the best hit rate for people off the telly but he did recognise Quasimodo and Percy Thrower. He was also very enthusiastic about pictures of Crocuses and has been ringing his little bell continuously since then. We eventually had to take him out to show him that the bulbs are fast asleep. Unfortunately there were definite signs of life. If you look closely you can see some foolhardy Daffodils popping up to say hello.

Bob in bulb heaven

Bob in bulb heaven

As he was out and about Bob then went on to inspect Fern Ally which Uncle Tache has created in a shady part of the garden.

Down Fern alley

Down Fern alley

We like Fern Alley as it allows us to hide our booty when it is in transit to other places. We also think that it will be a good place for Father Christmas to land and allow his Reindeer to have a nibble when he brings in all of my pressies!

Finally a touch of sleaze. We thought that this blog was independent but apparently it is a pay to publish operation run by Bob the Sheep. I think that the Russians must be involved in this to spread their evil propaganda. Rest assured this Eagle cannot be bought. Well not for a few pennies at least!



Proof that sleaze is alive and well in the West Country. That hand has a very definite Russian look about it. If I see anyone wrestling a Bear in the High Street I will let you know. You have to admit that it is a definite worry after my anti Russian sentiments over the years. Having said that I don’t like the Americans any better so hopefully one will cancel the other out and it will be all right. We live in hope on that front.

Anyway it is a gorgeous day down here so we are off to enjoy a frolic in the leaves in the Churchyard. Simple pleasures for us simple souls. If we are lucky we might even come across some hidden treasure.


Summer lingers on

Afternoon all. Welcome back. I know that it is strange having a Wednesday blog but you will just have to get used to it all as this seems to be a permanent feature of our lives now.

Luckily I have managed to recover from the weekend. Some members of the fan club came to stay and to test out the facilities. The one that they most tested was the drinks cupboard and they were never quite sober for the whole time. Now that is what I call drinking. For the sake of their reputations I will not name names but that poor Rabbit Cecilia has her hands full and the poor Essex birds went thirsty for the weekend-unlike their keeper! We all had a nice weekend and my Stalker even called in the middle of it for a bit of a chat with me which was nice for him.

The weather continues to be warm and sunny which is a bit unnerving in early November. We are sat with the windows open and very pleasant it is too. The Gorillas sit on the bed and they like to feel the wind in their fur so that is all right. Some others are a bit worried but we are trying to show them that if they have windows open I can get out and about for my little smuggling operation. Having said this the winter season has arrived and the little boats that go out into the harbour that form a vital part of my operation have now shut down for the winter. This is a bit of a blow but I will just have to buy myself a little yacht to fill the gap. There you go problem solving at its finest. I have identified a problem and then solved it by using that man’s credit card. Brilliant!

I am also pleased to announce that a new item of furniture has arrived-a Snuggler. It is a small sofa and is intended for us to sit on in the living room. Time will tell on this one but it is all looking promising. That man has promised an induction later on and a full health and safety assessment. Of course what he doesn’t realise is that we have all just jumped on and are having a nice time getting settled. Watch out for a picture in due course. It is very pleasant sat here with the sun coming in and watching the world go by.

I might have to watch my step as that man is listening to some music and is singing “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” at the top of his voice. I am not sure what this might mean so I am going to have to be quick on my feet if I am to avoid a good talking to. It never bodes well for your favourite Eagle when he starts singing along to Evita. I don’t think that he has quite got over his Eva Peron obsession so I just have to watch myself for a little while.

This weekend sees the next trip out-to Berlin. Those Germans better watch themselves and lets hope that that man doesn’t end up on the wrong side of the wall. If I bump into that nice Angela Merkel I will have a word and sort things out for us all. I mean what can possibly go wrong! I mean to say if David Davis is our chief Brexit negotiator it might be time to give the Eagle a go at it all. I can’t do much worse can I?

Happy Easter

Good morning all and welcome back.

First of all I should say that the fan club mob appeared right on cue to come and see me. It was a bit of a worry as there are some nice things here and we weren’t too sure if the occasion was going to be a riotous one.  As you know Norwegians have a reputation for high jinks.  Just look at those Vikings larking about all over Europe on their summer holidays.  Anyway no need to worry as the Irish element kept everything under control and curbed the worse excesses that normally happen when my stalker leaves his home turf.  Well done mate!

Things are beginning to settle down a little bit here now thank goodness.  Hot food has been produced now that man has worked out how the oven works and some sort of routine established.  We are still not sure how long we are going to be in this limbo so it is good to know that things work.  I have to say that it is nice being beside the lake as our aquatic cousins can enjoy the proximity of water.  It also means that we are making friends with the water fowl who call the lake home.  We do like our new Moorhen and Coot friends you know.

As Easter is now upon us we seem to be surrounded by chocolate.  All of the nice people that work with that man exchanged chocolate gifts during the week and they are now sat here waiting for the big day (the chocolate gifts and not the people I hasten to add!).  We trust that they will be shared as otherwise that man is going to need a fork lift truck to move him if he consumes them all.   Just saying!   Anyway thank you to all the nice people who have sent us chocolate.

I know that you are all expecting me to have some comments on that nice Mr Trump. Well I do not like to disappoint but they are not quite as family friendly as some of my more delicate readers might hope for.  What I can say is really more in the way of advice for that man.  Now that they check your smartphone and social media presence once you arrive at the US border there might be some problems ahead.  First of all he can never remember his passwords for his phone and once a border official reads this dribble they won’t let him in on the grounds of diminished mental capacity.  I think that it is lucky that my US fan club are coming to see me this time round as I don’t think that he would get through immigration.  We might be stuck with him for some time yet I fear.   Ah well it is Easter and there is chocolate in the house so we might need to let it go – for now.

I hope that you have a pleasant Easter and will see you back soon.