Christmas high jinks

Hello all. A quick posting on the big day itself for you all.

We were awoken at 04:00 this morning by that man having a bit of a turn as he thought that the big fella had actually arrived. The door to the bedroom had swung shut and this had woken him up. He then came down and discovered that the sherry and mince pies had gone. We couldn’t actually tell him that this was nothing to do with FC but with me getting peckish in the middle of the night. Anyway we sent him back off to bed. The cause of the door shutting became apparent as there is quite a gale blowing down on the south coast. Uncle Tache also got up and asked if it was time for pressies and was put back to sleep as he was told it was too early. We then saw some blue lights in the distance and they pulled up by Hotel du Vin in the square and lots of firemen got out and started pulling hoses everywhere. The fire is now out but it has added a certain frisson to the morning. It is not yet 08:00 so goodness knows what is going to happen next. Brace yourselves is this Eagles sage advice. I better get a glass of Champagne and a bacon butty later or there will be trouble I can tell you.

Anyway as I am here a Happy Christmas to you all unless you are reading this in Australia in which case it is all over!


Happy Christmas

Morning all. It is the darkest part of the night just before the dawn on Christmas Eve. We wanted to share our official picture for the year. It combines good looking eye candy and dodgy pointing so a winning combination I am sure that you will agree. Worry not a full elf and safety assessment was carried out before shooting could be done so no none was harmed-unlike at London Zoo apparently. Enjoy and a very Happy Christmas to all.

Merry Christmas one and all

Merry Christmas one and all

Our house

Afternoon all. A little bonus posting for you.

We have been asked quite a few times what our new home looks like from outside. Well we sent that man out in the cold to take a picture. Simple really when we thought about it. Our house is the one on the end of the terrace and you can see our two sets of windows at the front facing the street, the green front door, the Wisteria around the door and our dining room by the other side of the front door. In fact there is more house running along the side that you can’t see in the picture but this gives you the general idea. You can also see my Eyrie in the form of two dormer windows right at the top. All I can say is that is a lot of cleaning one way or another. It also shows you that Dan the window cleaner is a real hero who does the whole lot for a knock down rate.

Our house

Our house

That man has finally finished the Christmas shopping and all is wrapped up. I hope that I can identify my little bottle of something alcoholic without too many problems. I am sure that it will be there one way or another. If not then it is going to be a long Christmas day I can tell you. I think that it is unlikely that I will be in touch before the big day itself so hope that you can wait for our Christmas picture and that you are enjoying the build up to the big day. We certainly are having a good time but don’t tell that man as otherwise he will get all miserable on us. Hey ho. Is that the sound of jingle bells that I can hear or is it simply Bob the Sheep practising his one Sheep show. Unfortunately I fear that we all know the answer to that particular conundrum. Oh well no rest for the wicked.

2017 in review

Well that time of year has arrived where we look back and reflect on the year gone by.

Some years nothing much happens all year. Bob the Sheep might ring his little bell a lot or the Gorillas can say that they are not happy but the net effect is very much whatev. Not this year though as we have battled through adversity and bad temper to reach the end of it in a very different position to the one that we started in. To briefly summarise for those of you who have spent the last year on a different planet and might have missed this we moved this year-a lot! Yes that man decided that it was a good idea to test out his organisational skills and engage in a seemingly never ending battle of wits with a succession of foes who he never quite overcame. The list is a long one and we don’t want to revisit painful memories so we will draw a veil over a lot of what happened. However we would like to award a honorary Cliffie to that man as he eventually delivered us to our lovely new home in a part of the world where Ice Cream is on permanent tap. A bit of a result really one way or another I am sure you will agree. We also want to do the same for Uncle Tache as he has been by our side all year. Particular mention should go to him for the rather lovely Snuggler that we now occupy which is very snuggly indeed I can tell you.

In the wider world things have moved on. I suppose the biggest news is that we still have President Trump to keep us safe and secure in an ever changing world. I don’t think any of us saw that happening this time last year. He has certainly covered himself with “glory” in his first term or at least covered himself in something. I am very pleased that we no longer live in London as I don’t think that I could cope with a state visit and see him and Charlie boy prancing down the mall together and not be allowed to express my true feelings towards both of them. We also, rather surprisingly, have the same PM as we did-although only just. I really don’t want to get on the subject of UK politics as otherwise we will be here all day. Anyway back to reality and our annual Cliffies. Hold on to your hats for this.

We start with health guru of the year going to Uncle Rog who has broken his addiction to Battenberg cake. Apparently this is harder to give up, when staying with Big Nana at least, than crack cocaine. Well done Rog on that and the new hip. We also want to give a special mention to Mrs Rine for getting through the whole recovery period after surgery!

It has been a close run thing this year for our overseas fan club of the year title and we have had to split it. The overseas fan club of the year for those based in the same country goes to our American branch. Cliffiefest in London was great and they even managed to get that man inside a theatre which was a massive achievement. We also would like to award a separate award to best overseas fan club based in separate countries to our European brethren. It was lovely to see you and we hope that it won’t be too long before we are welcoming you to our new home where we can get some help with our smuggling operations.

Employer of the year goes to that man’s boss. It was pure genius of him to work out that by making that man part time they would see less of him and have to pay him less to boot. I think that they got the better part of that particular bargain as we are now subjected to that man for one day more each week and he is trying to impose some austerity measures on us. Good luck on that front is all I can say as this bird don’t do austerity. It didn’t work for that nice Philip Hammond and it won’t work for us either.

The award for self improvement goes to Aunty Helen who has learnt shorthand this year so that she can make more notes when she goes to lectures.

The birdwoman of Lancaster award once more goes to Big Nana and her baby Seagull who has been fed an eye watering diet of steak and chips all year and is now looking quite big and strong!

We now come to our most prestigious award the follower of the year award. We have thought long and hard about this and have decided to award it to…all of you! It has been a tough year for so many of you that we want to make the award to everyone who has followed our ramblings and hope that they have cheered you up. We also want to say thank you very much for all of your help and support throughout what has been a very tricky year for us here in the Eyrie. Well done one and all. I am sending out a massive Cliffie wingwave to one and all.

Well it is on to the joys of Christmas. That man has explained the concept for the Christmas piccie and we are happy with it so we need to do a full elf and safety assessment and we are then good to go!

Snow pics

Morning all. I thought that you might like to see these pics of the snow last weekend.

This is Bisto and Branston enjoying the snow outside.

Snow dogs

Snow dogs

This also shows the Tachemobile under cover.

The Tachemobile under cover

The Tachemobile under cover

It’s snow joke you know

Morning all. It is a positively Dickensian posting this morning as that man and I are having to work together to post this due to heavy snow. Yes that is right the white stuff is coming down very thickly in Buckingham and there is quite a coating already. That man is sat in the kitchen in Buckingham watching the snow fall. He thinks that I am in Poole directing his little fingers across the keyboard from afar. Piffle and nonsense to that I say. I have gone for a short weekend break somewhere warm to celebrate the fact that the old misery is away this weekend. Just don’t tell him and that will be all right.

Bob the Sheep continues to be a concern for one and all. He has been practsing his one Sheep bell recitial ready for the four hour show on Christmas morning. If you want a sneak preview we would be happy to put him in a Jiffy bag and post him to you if you would klindly send us your address. He will ring his little bell for anyone you know. He also hasn’t quite realized that he might have some competition from the church come Christmas morning but we all feel that it might be a case of live and learn on that front. Still that man went on a long train journey yesterday through a wintery landscape. He saw some Sheep asleep in the fold and lying down in the snow covered in the stuff. He told Bob that he should be happy that he was nice and warm and Bob simply said talk to the bell as the sheep wasn’t listening. I foresee trouble ahead with that one. Speaking of Christmas planning continues for the Christmas picture and my end of year review. I know that some are getting a bit anxious about the latter but only those with a guilty conscience should be worried. That should put some minds at rest I hope.

We had a lovely visitor last weekend in the form of Uncle Dave. He is always a welcome visitor. He and that man went on an epic tour of the countryside and went for a bus trip from Poole to Corfe Castle for lunch and then on to Swanage where they saw the Santa Claus express leave the station. It was a lovely steam engine so they were both pleased. After that it was time to board the top deck of the open top bus for the trip back to Bournemouth via the chain link ferry at Sandbanks. After that a stroll along the pier and through the gardens in Bournemouth before the final joiurney home on the bus to Poole. A lovely day. We enjoyed the last bit though. They were coming to the level crossing in Poole town center when the gates startled to come down. They decide to make a run for it and sprinted across to the other side as the barrier was coming down. What middle aged madness is what I say and that is being generous given their respective ages!

Don’t tell anyone but Father Christmas has visited here early and he has handed over the pressies and that man was busy wrapping them up this week. They look as if a three year old has been let loose with the wrapping paper but you can’t see what is in them at least. I think that we will have to say to people to just rip them open and not say anything about the quality of the wrapping.

Officially I am off for a bit of a roll in the snow with Willy the Seal. He knows how to have a good time in the cold I can tell you. There is even enough snow for a snowball fight. Unofficially I am off to put my towel on a sunbed with Willy the Seal and we are going to laze by the pool today. Don’t tell him though. It will be our little secret until the credit card bill comes in!

Florida or bust

Hello there and welcome back.

Well Christmas is fast approaching and we are close to the start of December and less than a month away from the big day itself. I trust that everyone has done their shopping and is feeling well prepared for the madness that is about to descend. One of our little band of merry men is preparing by getting on a plane and heading off to Fort Lauderdale for a long weekend. There is a certain amount of dark muttering as he is going on his own and none of us have been selected to go with him. However we like to keep busy and optimistic and so I am sure that we will all enjoy a magical weekend with that man. Ah in breaking news we have just heard that we are expecting a visitor of our own and there is a Christmas fair going on throughout the town so that is all right. You see if you wait long enough things sort themselves out.

What else do I have to tell you? There was concern as Big Nana was reporting record levels of rain. This did turn into flooding but she was all right even though her yard did get a good hose down from above. I blame that Donald Trump for all of this. Don’t ask me why but I do. Weather didn’t used to be like this under that nice Richard Nixon I can tell you.

Not much else to report really. We had some very nice visitors at the weekend and they can come back any time as they had brought along a bottle of pink Champagne. That man bought some new bedding which will look rather splendid when it is installed. He bought part of it from Beales and part of it online and the online bit hasn’t quite turned up yet. However, hope springs eternal so we live in hope that all will be well. Also in that category is the arrival of broadband to the house. We are cautiously optimistic that all will be well with that as well. There does seem to be a lot of caution in the air at the moment but we do live in uncertain times you know.

Next week brings the start of the advent calendar season. We are a bit disappointed as once again there is no chocolate on offer on that front. Still it is more enjoyable to have a scenario where we are stealing a Toffee Crisp each day. That way we can practise our duck and cover routine ready for the big day itself when I publish the Christmas picture. I tell you that if that man ever installs CCTV we are going to be in big trouble on many different fronts. This will be particularly true if there is a camera trained on the fridge. Still we live in hope that all will be well.