A day out to remember

Afternoon all and some news hot off the press. That man and I have made things up for now. As you may recall I was unceremoniously dumped in a bag for life and put in the back of a van in conditions that were far from ideal. Anyway I am out of the bag and this picture celebrates the moment that I finally made it.

Free at last

Free at last

This is Compton Acres and is a lovely series of gardens in Canford Cliffs a very upmarket suburb of Poole. It was a lovely morning so that man and I set out on the bus to explore. What fun it was trundling along on the bus and waving to the passing millionaires in their Bentleys as they went by. When we got there that man told me to be quiet for once as he would try and avoid buying me a ticket. He also promised me that if this worked he would buy me an ice ream later on. Anyway we went in and this was the first garden that we saw.

The Italian garden at Compton Acres

The Italian garden at Compton Acres

After that gorgeous vistas kept on opening up. Here I am by a little waterfall in a woodland garden.

By a lovely waterfall

By a lovely waterfall

Then on to a rock garden. That man wanted to snap me but I said no that my readers didn’t want any more general scenes with me tagged on as an afterthought. I insisted that I be allowed to take a selfie for you all. I know that you have been worried and so here I am up close and personal!

I believe this is called a "selfie"

I believe this is called a “selfie”

After that it was on to the Japanese garden. Here I am on some stepping stones. If you look carefully you can see some Carp coming up to say hello.

In the Japanese garden

In the Japanese garden

Following this we set off for the beach at Canford Cliffs. As soon as we turned the corner and saw the sea that man just said to me “this is why I moved here”. He is very happy and so am I. For the benefit of some of my followers from the far north of the world British beaches have lots of seagulls and ice cream stalls both of which make this particular Eagle happy too. Here I am after that man bought me an ice cream and we officially declared a truce!

I do like to be by the seaside

I do like to be by the seaside

Those familiar with this part of the world will be able to identify Old Harry Rock in the background. When we stayed at a local hotel once Uncle Dave had a toilet and if you sat on it and kept the door open you could see this rock. There you go local flavour for those willing to listen.

A historic day and I am pleased to be able to share it with you all as it is happening.


Worry not we are here

Morning all from the sunny south west. It seems that it is quicker for me to post than for that man to send out endless emails to people saying that we have arrived. The awesome power of social media eh? It also tells you everything that you need to know about the size of my fan base versus the size of that man’s address book!

Anyway we are all moved in. It was quite a challenging day one way or another. Uncle Tache was coming up from Poole and got caught up in the closure of the M3 which meant that his journey took much longer than it should have done. We understand that at one point there was an impromptu game of football played on the central reservation and that a reunion is planned for next year. Anyway I was unceremoniously shoved in a Booths bag for life and chucked in the back of a van. Well really is all I can say to that. Anyway after a tricky journey through London we finally made it to the wide open spaces of the motorway and after that we had a brilliant journey. I set up a card school in the back of the van and I have made enough money to go away on holiday for a few weeks to recover. Every cloud has a silver lining eh! I have to say that Uncle Tache did very well to keep everything in order so well done mate!

I think that there is a lot of settling in to do as everything is piled up in the dining room and that man needs to distribute it round the house. That should be fun for all concerned. We also haven’t had a definite statement on where we will all sit so I am very interested in how that conversation is going to go! Personally I quite fancy reigning supreme from the mantlepiece in the living room but I am sure that there will be objections to that! Still I have my Squirrel friend to keep me company so all is well.

A brief retrospective

Hello there and welcome. This is a momentous post as it is the last one that we will be making from our current home in London. On Saturday the pantechnicon arrives and we will be on our way Westward Ho! Yes after over 30 years of living in London that man is preparing to move on. I tell you there will have to be a large supply of tissues available on Saturday as it is going to be emotional. Having said that at this precise moment that man is boogieing on down to some Steps foot thumpers so it might be all right you never know.

Anyway we have been thinking about the last few years of living in the Barbican. Overall we have enjoyed the whole experience and there are whole chunks of that man’s brain that are taken up with obscure facts about the area. Hopefully when they are not needed any more there will be some space left over to fill in with some more useful knowledge. Stranger things have happened you know. Anyway here are our top five Barbican moments in the vague hope that someone might be interested. If you are not then you might like to skip ahead to the next section where you will find a nice picture to distract you.

The moment in the year when the underfloor heating came on-normally on 1 October. It is all very socialist and everyone gets heat at the same time. I can’t tell you the luxury of a tiled bathroom floor and underfloor heating had to be felt to be believed.

The convenience of having a Concierge. Yes we did have one and we haven’t had to wait in for a parcel for the last 15 years. Luckily Uncle Tache should be able to provide this service for us in future so that is all right.

The wildlife. It is like living in a zoo here you know. The waterbirds (Conrad and Mortie), the fox, the garden birds, the Seagulls. The list just goes on and on believe me. That man so enjoys going through the large wooded gardens and saying hello to everyone he meets on the way. Most days there are at least a few Blackbirds and Thrushes to have a chat with not to mention the Peregrine Falcon.

The balcony planters. That man turned into Percy Thrower before our very eyes each year when it came to time to plant the bulbs. We so loved the first flowering of the Crocus, Daffodils and Hyacinths. We also loved cutitng back the Geraniums and watching them grow back. Happy days indeed.

Finally the feeling that we were living in a special place that was unique. We truly appreciated the view from the flat and the walk round the lake under the waterfall.

This list could go on and on but we are moving on to somewhere equally special and are looking forward to a new life in our new home.

To end on a high we thought that you might like to see this visitor to the new house. He had climbed up the Wisteria to make it to the giddy heights of the bedroom wing. A new rule has been issued about not opening the windows to let him in so be warned if you are coming to visit.

A Squirrel came a calling

A Squirrel came a calling

Until next time in our new home we are signing off from London for the last time.

Part time Eagle

Afternoon all. Welcome back. That man is now working part time so Wednesdays are our days when we spend “quality” time together. Today is no exception. Up a bit later doing ironing and washing and then off to the shops. At the moment he is cooking some lunch (bangers and mash with some runner beans) and then snuggled up on the settee watching a new DVD he has bought. It is all quite civilised really and we are enjoying the experience.

Well it has been quite wet and windy in the last few days all over the place. We hope that our American friends have managed to weather the storm. It looked awful over there. Worry not relief is on the way in the form of Uncle Tache who is off to Fort Lauderdale in November. Hopefully he will be able to help out with any jobs that need doing. Last night was very windy and wet here in London. We even closed the windows early as we were worried about getting blown away.

Today has been full of incident I can tell you. It started off with some phone calls to various utility companies telling them about our move. That man then went out to visit a financial institution in the area where our savings are kept. He managed to change the address there and was on his way back when he realised that he had the wrong set of keys in his pocket. He has a big bunch of keys on his well used “Help for Heroes” key ring which gets him in and out of Poole but not London. This was a bit of a problem as we were inside and he was outside and no way to bridge the gap! Luckily there was a spare set of keys so he was able to get back in to make sure that we were all right. Needless to say we were coping well in his absence and so all was well. We even told him to calm down as all was well. Anyway it was off to Waitrose to buy some lunch. As he was walking along there was quite a huddle of journalists. Instead of doing the sane thing and coming back to get me he carried on. There was the Mayor of London standing on a street corner mouthing off about something or nothing. If this makes it to the news look out and you will see that man clomping along the road trying not to look impressed. Once again robbed of my chance to be on the national news to deliver my manifesto to the nation!

Uncle Tache has been busy and has ordered a lot of new furniture. This is now scheduled to arrive over the next few weeks. I am glad to say that this includes a new desk and chair for that man in the new look Eyrie. Needless to say that he has gone for the generous option and we will soon be nestling up on our new Herman Miller Aeron chair. It is only a couple of weeks before we achieve this Nirvana type state and we will report back once we have achieved it.

Lunch is progressing well and so it is nearly time to go along and start nibbling on the Sausages. What a treat and maybe this part time lark won’t be too bad. Time will tell but if we have the entertainment of being locked out and the Mayor of London turning up we might be on to a good thing. I think our first Wednesday in Poole is going to involve a trip out to Compton Acres so watch out for the photos in due course. What fun!

A quick update

Evening all. I am aware that some of my followers regard this as a bit of a running commentary on my life and who am I to disappoint?

First of all our dynamic duo had a lovely trip out to Broadstone and had a good walk on the heath. No fires were started and all was well.

Secondly this is what eventually happened to the Fig tree who is called Figgis. That man popped out to the High Street to buy some gardening gloves for Uncle Tache and returned to find that Figgis had been reprieved and is now a bit battered but still with us. There is a prize for anyone who can actually see the one leaf that is left.



Still here

Hello there. Welcome back to my little world. It has been a while but I did warn you that things are going to be disrupted for some time yet. Just think of it as overrunning engineering works on the railway and you get the picture.

I am still based in my temporary Eyrie in London with the other London Lads. This is far from satisfactory in this particular Eagle’s humble opinion as we have a new life to lead down in the West country and there is more ice cream down there in the summer season. Before we know it the seasons will have changed and it will be all baked potatoes and hearty pies rather than ice cream. Just remember that we Eagles have long memories so we won’t forget this when summer hits next year. Anyway a plan is forming that will see us transported by a small van in the nearish future. That should be fun for all concerned. As you know little Bob the Sheep doesn’t have that much patience (or intelligence if you ask me!) so it will be “are we nearly there yet?” all the way from the top of the drive. It could be a very long drive indeed for all concerned.

We did enjoy the Bank Holiday as it was nice and warm for the whole time. Of course, things have cooled down quite a bit with a 10 degree temperature drop overnight. That man is still going out without a jacket but he is well known for his foolhardiness in this respect. I am sure that Big Nana will be having a word before too long telling him to wrap up well. He still hasn’t smelt Autumn but it won’t be too long before he starts spouting all that nonsense.

We are not sure what this weekend might bring. That man has asked Uncle Tache if he fancies going for a walk on Saturday afternoon on the heathland around Broadstone. This might not end well as the last time that this happened there was quite a large heath fire and Big Nana didn’t notice that all of her children were missing in the middle of it for quite some time. In her defence I should add that this was in the early 1970s when attitudes towards Elf and Safety were different and things have changed quite a lot really since then. Given UTs smoking habits we have to hope that there has been quite a lot of rain in the area so that things are not too dry and a tinderbox situation doesn’t dramatically develop. I tell you we will all be on a knife edge until they return.

In a development which we are a bit concerned about this message has appeared on that man’s emails at work.

Please note that I am a part time worker…

I hate to think what this all means. It doesn’t bode well for my import/export business though.

A rubbish story

Evening all. I am just catching some quality time at the keyboard whilst that man is fussing doing some chores. That is the way that it should be you know.

Anyway another weekend is coming to an end with some solid achievements behind us to celebrate. The London Lads have been liberated from their boxes and have run riot all over the Eyrie. They do feel better for it all. Here they are celebrating their new found freedom

Home at last

Home at last

We're here too

We’re here too

That man and Uncle Tache had a very profitable trip to the shops on Saturday. UT has developed an obsession which is very far from magnificent. He is fixated on finding the perfect bin and so they had gone out to look for it one more time. Up and down the high street they trotted and they finally ended up in Beals in Poole. They headed off to the bin department but somehow got distracted in the fashion department which is strange as that man normally looks like a Scarecrow! Luckily sanity prevailed and the only shirt that UT liked he suddenly remembered that he had bought a couple of weeks ago. They finally made it to the top floor and they ended up buying a new bed and didn’t even end up with a bin. Some might say that this is a rubbish story but they can keep their little puns to themselves thank you very much.

We had a lovely day last week as our American fan club came over for a visit. It was lovely to catch up and the biggest Cliffie wingwave possible to all members of that particular branch and thank you so much for coming to see us. We hope that by now they are safely home again so let us hope that it isn’t too long before we meet up again.

To finish off this quick post we thought that you might like to see the scene from Poole quayside this morning. It is all right for some. That man claims to have seen a Seal from this spot a couple of weeks ago. He was called Humphrey (the Seal that is and not that man!) and was on his way to catch his breakfast. No picture exists and so we are a tad suspicious of this but we will see. Anyway this is a view of Poole harbour, Brownsea Island and the Purbeck Hills looking towards Corfe Castle. Nice eh?

A peaceful day at the office

A peaceful day at the office

Now where is that Seal?